THE POWER OF THEN- Revealing Egypt’s Lost Wisdom

The book reveals the many parts of Egyptian wisdom from archaeological, to mystical, to Hermetic, to shamanistic, to Zen-like, to the holographic- presented through my own personal interpretation.

“I am happy to share my completed and revised version of THE POWER OF THEN: Revealing Egypt’s Lost Wisdom with all of you. Now 500 pages, the product of 12 years of my research, investigation and exploration into what the Ancient Egyptians understood about the nature of self, earth, universe and realty. Written in three volumes (The first two volumes originaly published as Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Revealed) has the addition of the 140 page final third volume- and also now includes 170 photographs. This work takes the reader into the Ancient Egyptian’s mind in a very deep way.  I hope you get as much out of reading it, as I had in researching and writing of it.” Howdie Mickoski

“A good book! Unpretentious, accessible, and you cover a lot of ground effortlessly.” John Anthony West, author Traveler s Key To Ancient Egypt

“A positive contribution to human evolution and the richness of the Kamatian (Ancient Egyptian) spiritual tradition.” Muata Ashby, author Egyptian Yoga Series


Table of Contents


Chapter 5- Creation Mythology

Chapter 13 – Ancient Healing

Chapter 15 – Hermetic Secrets of Teotihuacan

Chapter 17 – Book of What is in the Duat

At 540 pages, 170 photographs, and completed over a course of twelve years.

There is now an E-BOOK version, $24.95 US- payable through paypal or other means.

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Please contact me to set up payment and shipping.

Twelve Months of Mystical Wisdom

Twelve Months of Mystical Wisdom appeared in a limited print run as a self published book in 2001. Those copies are now sold out. The book can be purchased as an ebook. Please contact me to set up payment and web shipping.

The wisdom of Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Maya are waiting for rediscovery. Lost for centuries, it is beginning to appear again in our world. Osiris, Isis, Horus, Ra, Ptah, Thoth Tehuti, Hathor, and the rest seem to making inroads to our world. There was a world of understanding reality, understanding self, and pushing towards that odd place of awakening sometimes called no-self.  My books and writings are trying to connect the ancient sites and texts with what has been written in the modern world. Carlos Castaneda was touching on a lot of this, in his own way, in his novels. May the power of the ancient sites find you.