"The dream marks are all present. You should have recognized them sooner.”
- Mark Twain -

“One who can not give anything away, can not find anything either.”
- Frederich Nietzche-

Time For An Update

It has been quite a while since I have posted on here. It has been a tough year, illness, accidents, injuries, surgery. A ton of fun.
But I do want to start to add information to this site again, in a more defined way. Posting more variety of topics that may have direct value in the reader’s current life.
I am going on holiday for a week, but then will post an article that will show the similarities of two seemingly very unsimilar movies. It may be quite revealing for you.

Also as more and more people have been asking to buy my book, I will be creating an online store here so that the book as a download pdf can be purchased online,make things much easier for those who want a copy.
Catch up with you in a couple of weeks with the new article

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