"The dream marks are all present. You should have recognized them sooner.”
- Mark Twain -

“One who can not give anything away, can not find anything either.”
- Frederich Nietzche-

Archive for May, 2018


It has been many years since I have taken groups of interested people to some of the many stone circles in Southern Norway. That will change in 2018. The next trip is scheduled for June, likely the weekend of the 16 and 17 in order to also make the trip a connection to the Summer Solstice a few days later. Hopefully the weather will be good for the visits.

The focus of this trip is not just to see and experience these temples of the ancient world, but to look to ways to tap into the powerful healing force that exists at them. Via the use of its place upon the earth (meridian lines) along with the type of stone used and the specific carving and shaping done- a harmonic resonance has been created at these sites. Long believed by locals to be nothing more than Viking graves, it is quite clear to me that they have the same purpose as the stone circles of Great Britain, and may have been built at a similar time. They are marvels of sacred geometry, and of precision building.

Previously I focused on giving those who visited an overview and just let people enjoy the sites. This time I would like to help create a deeper connection between those who come on this visit and with the sites themselves. To create a friendship between you and the stones to help open an energy for healing yourself, or healing others.

At least that is the goal and intention anyway. I will only take a maximum of 18 people each day to not overload the sites or the people in the group visiting.

Each day will visit 3 sites, and will have different stops each day. You are welcome to join for one or both days, which will run approximately 10:00 to 17:00 (10AM to 5 PM). I ask only for a small donation for the time I put in for this event.

Please feel free to contact me here or at my email howdiem @ hotmail .com (close all the spaces of course…this was to fool the web bots) for further information.

You can also get a short overview on the stone circles page-