"The dream marks are all present. You should have recognized them sooner.”
- Mark Twain -

“One who can not give anything away, can not find anything either.”
- Frederich Nietzche-


The information/digital age is ending. Not like overnight, but it is in a major downswing. This may come as a shock to many people, especially when they look at how long the industrial age lasted before this. But I am pretty clear, our current age is about to go.

We are now inundated with information, more almost than we could ever hope to find. Just click in a word or topic on google search, and out will come 1,000,000 places we could go to learn about it. Do we really need any more information? Do we really need to have any more books written? Basically it is all there already. Perhaps someone will come up with a very very new piece of something lacking- but then they just write the two pages of their small addition without the 200 pages of filler.

People have gotten tired of attending lectures, workshops and whatnot…mostly because what is offered at these things can be found at home on the internet mostly. There is now little that can be presented at at any workshop that is special and unique enough for it to even be given. Take that in for a moment.

And while there is a ton of information out there, because basically anyone can say anything they want about anything, there actually is a ton of junk information covering over the lesser good stuff. The trick has become not to learn how to search to find sources of information, but instead how to quickly be able to judge what has possible value to what is obvious junk…or one will spend hours and hours wasting their time and getting nothing for it, or worse believe the junk and follow along its advice or suggestions.

A good example is the massive amount of websites promoting information on health and healing. I won’t get into here just how poor the average healer is to start with, this is just about the information available. So many sites out there have as their solution to whatever medical problem you have “lose some weight, get some exercise, cut out the coffee…and you will be feeling better in days.” I kid you not. Go and look for yourself if you don’t believe me. Whats even more amazing, is that the people who are posting this, actually think they are doing some sort of great thing. Yes you with the thyroid condition and bronchitis, if you just stop your coffee and drop 2 pounds you will be great in a day or two. It would be laughable if not really just so damn sad. I say this as a guy going through some health conditions over the last year, this is in many cases the best you can get out there- perhaps people meaning well, but with no real knowledge, posting things on the internet as if it is the answer to all of your problems. And that is one part of what makes the information age a bit of a scary phenomena.

Another element of information age, is not just about what there is from the standpoint of stuff on a topic available to us, it is the information agencies have on us. Every website we search is recorded, ever email stored, every post on facebook monitored through bots to tell them what people like or don’t like, where thy shop, what they might buy in the future. There was a scary video I recall a few years ago of someone posing to be the worlds greatest psychic and offering free readings. In the reading he was telling people about their knee operation, their bank account number, their jellyfish sting on their trip to Bermuda…then the wall comes down to reveal about 10 people sitting on computers….and he shows the wire going into his ear where they are feeding all the info found about people openly on the internet. Want a job today…good luck getting one if there is anything on the web that someone might find somewhat confusing about you. Because they second you apply, the google search of your name is on.  And that is just what is available about us to the public…to the rest of the organizations, the amount is staggering.

We are entering a new age, and that is an important thing to know. Really it is. Because just like companies and people who did not see the coming information-computer age and did not adapt to it, got left behind. As such those that will do the same…stick to the same old ideas of blogs, books and information and more information, are going to get left behind while the new age and the new ways of interacting evolve..Those that figure it out early will be on the cusp of great potential and possibility. That is where I hope those of you will be headed, begin to see what is learning, what is coming to be…and making the changes needed to your boat to navigate to the new current.

What is that new current? Hard to fully say for sure. A few have speculated on it, even given the new age a name already. But I can say that I for one am working to tap into that new current that will become our age, and attempt to begin swimming with it, rather than fight the ship to hold down the old ways. That is going to be a mess for those that do. Begin to see the change, become the change, and then just say yes and move with it. Those that do, in 5 years are so will be glad they followed their seeing.

HM 2018

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