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Honouring Two Giants At Daschur

This is a post to bring one to honour the names of two great people who helped advance the understanding of the ancient world by leaps and bounds- one American, one Russian. Sadly they are both deceased.

The American was John Anthony West, who translated the works of Schwaller de Lubicz and tried to put his understandings into English for the rest of us, and unlock the mind of Symbolist Egypt. One small de Lubicz sentence on a water weathered Sphinx was enough to begin a lifelong journey for him to uncover the much older age of the Sphinx, as well as provide clues into so much of the ancient Egyptian mind.

Andrei Sklyarov was the head of the Labratory of Alternative History in Moscow. He traveled the world to document the amazing stones that had to be carved with machines and other oddities. He was the first I could find to present many of the things that have now become common for youtube bloggers. Not enough give this man credit for his Indian Jones type life.

These men come in direct contact with the oddities of the 3rd chamber in Red Pyramid at Daschur. I have written some in my book on this Egyptian site, as well as this pyramid, which is far more mysterious than most want to discuss.

The big mystery is the final of the corbeled rooms with in the pyramid. A nice video from a youtuber named Matt Sibson of the channel ancientarchitects…presents this quite nicely in his video.

The comment around this room is of a few things. One the stones in this room seem incredible weathered, certainly they had to be exposed to the elements for some time. This is why West was to claim that his might have been the original megalithic monument that stood here, and the pyramid was then built overtop of it. Quite a possible theory when you look at the stones up close. I took a long time in this room on my last Egypt trip in 2015, and the weathering is quite massive.

Then again, as Sibson points out in his video, many claim that this area likely had a floor, which was later dug up by early explorers and as they dug into the bedrock looking for a hidden chamber, were the ones themselves that damaged the rocks not weathering. Another possibility.

From this I want to add the work of Sklyarov. For I agree with him, that the majority of excavation we see at Old Kingdom sites was not done in modern times, nor was done by Europeans or early Arabs. It was done by the Old Kingdom Egyptians themselves. When they came to power in Egypt, one of their first tings Dynastic Egypt undertook was a giant scientific expedition to understand these giant monuments that were in their land. Who these Egyptians were, were they came from, and their specific connection to the original ancient builders of sites like Daschur is unknown.

They did much restoration work, rebuilding on old collapsed sites (the Pyramid of Unas a good example of this) and they did a lot of excavation. Thus it is quite likely that ones who dug up the floor, and either explored the early megalithic structure (West’s theory) or did the digging themselves (archaeology theory) is up for speculation.

The last thing about that room is something Sibson mentions, and I have to say I never noticed it before myself. That is a strange odd placed block on the left wall, that is obviously not like any of the others. Every block in that floor is near identical but 1, almost certainly a stone placed in at a later date to cover some type of shaft…a stone out of place similar to the one you find in the wall of the King’s Chamber near the stone box.

What happens if that stone is removed? I don’t know, but I would guess that it would be similar to the Bent Pyramid a few minutes away, were similar corbaled rooms are connected by a series of passages. The Bent Pyramid has two entrances to the inner chambers, and their is no reason not to suspect that the Red Pyramid may have as well. That stone might lead in fact to a series of passages that move towards a second entrance.

Anyway this post was just to make you think a little, and acknowledge a few long past greats in West and Skylarov, both whose work I still continue to study.

Ancientarchitects channel has a lot of interesting videos, along with another channel cfaps, I suggest you see what they are presenting.

Some have asked my why I don’t have a youtube channel. Long story to say the least, but my time is more spent learning the specifics of how to use ancient Egypt in day to day existence. When I began this study there was no youtube, and no personal video presentations. If someone came along to assist with getting a channel started, because it will take some time to get it up and running, then upkept with enough interesting presentations to make the time put into it worth it. We shall see,

If you have questions please forward them along. Happy to answer them in a new post for others.