"The dream marks are all present. You should have recognized them sooner.”
- Mark Twain -

“One who can not give anything away, can not find anything either.”
- Frederich Nietzche-

Who built the pyramids?

It has been a while since my last post. But I have been waiting for something to really post on here for you. I found it today.

Recently I have been doing a lot of research and study in what can only be called, alternative history. A look at more recent history as being as mixed up and incorrect as Ancient History. But there are some real strangeness in it. And I get that it is a hard thing to try and overturn history, or to present new ideas surrounding it. The standard story is ingrained very deep in people, so just to present a new idea of something is going to meet a lot of resistance. So I can appreciate the challenge involved in that.


I came across again the work of a Russian Anatoly Fomenko. He has developed a new timeline for world history, basically placing all of world history in the last 1000 years. No Ancient Rome, Greece or Egypt. It was all contemporary with the Renaissance and the Middle Ages. Ok fine. And he might be on to something for sure, I am an open minded guy.

But I have to break apart one of his theories, for it is something I don’t want to see continued by internet researchers. I ran into it yesterday on a Facebook group I am a part of.

The hypothesis is that the French army (when they took over Egypt in 1798) destroyed the original pyramids and sphinx at Giza, and then rebuilt the ones we have today. I was stunned. When I first saw this concept it seemed like the French army had destroyed the pyramid, .so I thought it meant they were the ones who tore off the original casing stones. I could have seen that perhaps as plausible. But no, these researchers mean they tore down the pyramids, AND built new ones. The ones that are there today. They don’t mention Dashur or Sakkara or Abu Sir and all the others in Egypt which is another red flag right away.

However they have almost no info or photographs of the area of Giza, they mostly have pictures and talk about pyramids in places like Meroe (simple pyramids from late day Egypt). Quite simply the originators of this theory have never been to, or studied in detail, the pyramid structures of Egypt. Anyone on this site has a good idea already about the perfection of these sites, but I will relate again to chapter 4 in my book Power of Then to get some reminder of just how amazing these things are

No mention of how was the granite blocks moved, carved and placed. How the interior passages and chambers were carved. How was the perfect geometry everywhere in the monument was obtained. How the perfect harmony and frequency that it generates were built into it. It is beyond what anyone can do today. So how could some soldiers in the 1800’s have done this. And not just the giants at Giza, but the giants all over Northern Egypt.

The pyramids of Egypt…the very large ones anyway, are extremely ancient. And to say hey are otherwise is overturning a key point about humans on the earth. It is not just in the last few hundred years there has been lost wisdom, but  for tens of thousands. It can only be recalled because a few monuments such as these are still standing (Thankfully).

So until someone can explain how some builders in the 1800’s could replicate the great pyramid in accurate detail today in 2019, only then can such a theory be even considered. Or how perfect drill holes are made in granite stones, or laser cuts in others.

While Fomachev is Russian, when it comes to research on Ancient Egypt I still move towards another Russia, the late Alexi  from the Laboratory of Alternative History. He was a genius, and the world is a sadder place with him gone. I can only hope the little I am doing can in some way help take some baby steps beyond what Alexi and John West had spent their lives revealing.

And yes I too believe that the last 200 500 1000 2000 years of history is very very wrong, mixed up and demands great revision work (something I am partway to a new book about). And I can appreciate what people like Fomachev are attempting.


I post this as a reminder to keep yourself on your toes at all times as you look into the past. Revising history is a great and at times thankless work. Appreciate the work involved, but don’t just believe anything because it appears in a book or a website or documentary.

All history is just a hypothesis. And any revision work is a hypothesis from the hypothesis. Keep that in mind as you examine all that comes (and a lot of new research in non traditional areas are coming every day, so much it is very hard for me to try and keep up with it). I am almost done a 100 page book now, but I am still seeing more and more to look into.

Best Wishes

Stay aware and awake


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