“Die while you are alive,
and be absolutely dead.
Then do whatever you want,
it’s all good."
Howdie Mickoski is originally from Canada, but now lives in Norway. For the last 20 years he has studied ancient wisdom traditions of the world. He spent most of his life as a stand up comedian, and writer of sports history.
After having a depression at age 28, he came across a Nova TV program on Egyptian Pyramids that changed his life. At that point he put every moment of his time to study the ancient world. Good fortune brought him to spend time with a Korean Zen monk, several Native Indian medicine men, a doctor of medical Qi Gong, herbalists, and alchemists. He saved what money he had and traveled the world to visit ancient sites in Egypt, Mexico and Europe. He has been looking to uncover less how the sacred sites were built, but why, and how can such sites be used by humans today in positive ways. This wisdom was put into the book The Power Of Then.
 When he was 36 he fell into a canyon in Western Canada, and had a death experience that revealed the false covering of oneself, and of reality. Changing his effort of study, he delved into the work of Gnostic and Hermetic teachings, stone circles and megaliths, as well as the writings and teachings of Tat Foundation creator Richard Rose. This awakening experience was very hard and confusing for him, included years of near incapacitating illness…forcing one to go the only place we have avoided- within. The challenges of dealing with an awakening came to be put in the pages of his new book Falling For Truth.
While still continuing to research and write in these areas, following a study trip to Florence, new information came to light of the lies of modern history. He is now working on a three book series to look at topics as wide ranging from the Knights Templar, to World Exhibitions, to Gothic architecture.
He is available for talks, lectures, or personal consultations.