Spritual Wisdom


So you want to wake up?

And go somewhere to do it.

But there is nowhere to go.

No place to walk to.

No path will get you there.

Enlightenment is where you are right now.

It is here, not there.

No paths, no walking, no goals, no guides.


When you truly know that answer,

You will be awake.

HM 2006

Spritual Wisdom


“Die while you are alive,
and be absolutely dead.
Then do whatever you want.
It’s all good.”

Q I had a dream last night and death was following me.

A Death is always following you. The process of awakening is the process of death. The death of everything you believed to be you. One will not realize without the force of death. It is why we make death our best friend. Talk about hanging out with the wrong crowd huh? Every spiritual aspirant has a giant fear of death, yet has great courage to not run from it but instead, seek it out.

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Spritual Wisdom


This process appears now in my new book Falling For Truth. However, many people have come to this article on my site for many years to help with their practice, so I have decided to keep this available for site readers.

“Only through the recapitulation of one’s entire life
can the apprentice truly understand his total being.”
-Theun Mares-

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Ancient Civilizations

Valley Temple of Giza

The Giza Plateau is one of the world’s great mysteries. Of course the three large pyramids gain most of the attention, and rightfully so. And the more one studies them, the more amazing they become, beyond what is normally presented in textbooks. The next focus for tourists is the Sphinx, a marvel in itself. Yet few take the time to really examine the rest of the sites on the plateau. There are six remaining smaller pyramids (along with remnants of several others), mastaba tombs, shafts to underground chambers, temples around the pyramids, amazing shaping of granite stones, and several surprises.

For this article I want to take the reader-traveler’s attention to a place visited, but rarely lingered at. The Valley Temple. Located just in front of the Sphinx, this temples not only displays examples of amazing building practices with megalithic blocks placed in Peruvian-style jigsaw fashion, but presents some ideas of age of the Plateau.

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Spritual Wisdom

Stopping Internal Dialogue

“Stopping the internal dialogue is singularly the most important act
an apprentice must accomplish.”
Carlos Castaneda

Internal dialogue is a form of possession. Conversations and dialogue with people or things not present. Something not you is controlling you, that is the definition of possession. These forces, or rather thoughts of these forces become possessive and control you and their arrival causes you to lock into them and act with them. They take up your valuable energy that could be used to do anything else. But there is more to internal dialogue than just stealing energy in mental conversation. Looked at closely you will see that it is this dialogue that in fact makes your external reality.

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Spritual Wisdom

Alone In Enlightenment

“I’m nobody.
Who are you?”
Are you nobody too?
-Emily Dickinson

Realization is a very misunderstood…I was going to write achievement, but it’s not an achievement, just a happening. It is like making a long, steep, tough climb up a mountain, only to get to the top and go, “mmmm, nice view.” Then you walk back down. That’s it, nothing special, but it revolutionizes everything. Enlightenment is the shocking realization that there is only one. Not one thing, or all is connected, just one. It sounds like a simple re-ordering of words, but the meaning of that word order is profound.

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Spritual Wisdom


I will be putting out more movie analysis that I have stored in my file of notes. I thought the first would be a movie almost 15 years old, Inception.

People are still trying to determine what in that movie was “reality” and when the main character (Leo DiCaprio- Cobb) was dreaming. The trick is to see that the entire movie was a dream. Even places where one feels there is a reality, normal world- just like our world, he too is dreaming.

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Historical Lies

False History

A few might be wondering what I have been up to the last month or so. Well beyond the final edit of my new book on Awakening “Falling for Truth” published by the TAT Foundation later this spring…I have been researching.

What you may ask.


Ok those who follow me here know I study history constantly in one form or another. However, I had spend a week in my favourite European city recently, Florence. And the power of the artwork, symbolism, and architecture really somehow got into me this time. Something opened and a whole new overview of history began to surface.

On one level I knew most of history is a made up story written by the winner…but the depth of the lie was somewhat still hidden from me. The last 2-3 weeks have been a dive down Alice’s rabbit hole even farther. History is so far beyond a lie as to be shocking. Even the last 50 years is somewhat of a lie, 50-100 years back the lie gets large. Before 1900 it is actually might be close to 99% false. Let that sink in. And why is it so important? because just about everything in our modern world is based on something claimed in the past- from why we use oil and drive cars, or why we cut down forests, or have religion, or wars, or education systems, or just about anything. There is some historical narrative that has been built as the foundation to explain why we have what we have now.

And that foundation is 99% wrong. Not sort of wrong. WRONG. completely.

The problem is finding what IS TRUE. That is very hard, even for something say in our 1800 timeline. We have almost no sources, no photographs, few drawings…we are going on mostly speculation. What we can do is delve through the story and begin to find what is not true and at least tear that down. The next step requires a bit more work.

There is very little research done as written material today…it is all done by guys (yes mostly guys) with youtube channels. They mostly mean well, but they have at times distorted views and opinions they want to force out- and as such, only present evidence in ways that fit their narrative. IT can still be helpful, but requires a lot of “salt” you might say to make it digestible. There are one or two that I think are presenting a good honest overview of what they are finding. I will list them in a few days.

I plan to do another month of research before going into too much with you, because I want a decent overview of what I have been finding, and then see what is the best way to present it.

Friday I will post up one small point of the research and a couple of good links for you to follow.

The ride towards the truth of who we are, where we are, and why things are as they are here in this dream continues…