One thing that has come to my mind the last few weeks, so I will write about it here, has to do with so many of the “enlightened teachers” out there, who say they spend most of their day sitting around staring at a clock moving or watching their tea cup- when not sitting on a chair and looking all peaceful for “us dummies” out there who are asking them a bunch of questions. From where I now sit, something does not seem right about the equation.

Then I think I got my answer. They are detached into detachment. Some in Zen refer to it as Drunk on Emptiness. In a sense, they forgot to come out of detachment and back into reality. I like the image of a funnel, or a spiral labyrinth to explain the awakening process. You have to spiral in deeper and deeper to the center- and the only way is to “drop” is for more of “me” – until one moment- voilla, you have passed through the “gateless gate” the end of the funnel. This space of no self, and seeing everything is a manifested illusion of the Absolute is a nice place to hang out in- thus it can be easy to get trapped there.

The trick, is to spiral back out again- in a sense visiting EVERY thing along the way that was dropped or discarded- or in other cases held on to. This is where the shaman is born, as they take their realization and look hard into the dream matrix reality- to see how they can most usefully be in a world that they know has no reality. And it does not mean to hide from it. Really being of service in a world that you know has no existence or meaning- not to save it or even improve it- just to play the role of human being you were given upon picking up the script of this movie.

Too many stay in this place and talk about how ordinary they are. And that is true, in one sense awakening makes the form very ordinary. However the ego seems to take this to mean, well if I am actually nothing special, then I should be as dull as possible. Stare at my tea, look at a clock for hours- just not really do anything here. Yet being ordinary allows you to be extra- ordinary as the same time: if one will explore the possibilities of the dream. Yet to see what extra-ordinary and ordinary at the same time means, one must “spiral” out of the funnel back into reality. That spiraling out is just as hard as going down. And to really spiral out means one has to give up their cozy little detached life at the eye of the funnel. In as sense they have to get back out in the hurricaine again.

I don’t want to sound too mystical here in all this, because that can be a trap on the way down like no other- but on the spiral out, it seems to be part of the human heritage you might say, and to miss it because it was something one needed to let go of on the way down- means one may live a detached life, but a non-magical life. And from what I see now- part of being a human in this dream is to be magical (not a magician…you know what I mean!)

It is why I like to try to remind everyone out there, that realizing one’s true nature is not the end, it is the potential for a new beginning- and something is stirring now to say- well why not develop ALL the potential available as “human dream from in a manifested illusion” not only on the way down, but on the way up as well? I mean really, what else is there to do? Stare at your tea for 6 hours, or explore the many layers of the dreamstate for 6 hours. Somehow I think the human form was manifested to do more of the later than the former-but its not good to explore this stuff on the way down the funnel, the time to explore the mystical is on the way back out.

Anyway, just what is being seen now.