People who have met with me personally often say that I give far less answers, but ask them many questions. And that is a key part for someone walking this journey. People feel that their problem is that they don’t have the right answer. Actually, they don’t have the right question.

You already have the answer, every answer you can ever hope to find. Problem is that without the right question, which acts like the key, the lock of the answer will never open.

I am amazed sometimes when I talk with people who have been stuck with something for 10-15 years- been going to healers and therapists and what not- and I just ask a question, which naturally leads to another question. Then after about 7-8 of there- voilla- they just give me the answer. I didn’t tell it to them, they told me! I just sit back and reply, “did you hear what you just said? Isn’t it that it.” They shockingly reply, “How could I have not seen that all this time?”

The simple answer, they have been asking the wrong questions. If you feel stuck for any reason, there is one question that will get you unstuck. Automatically. Find the question and its like the answer you have been searching for, just magically appears. That one right question will destroy all the other questions you have been asking, which have been nothing but distractions to keep you from looking the very place you don’t want to look.

Odd really, but not amazing, once you get a sense of how this “me” thing is formed and kept running. So look for the question. Forget answers, dig through a question. Is that really the question you should be asking? If not, chuck it and go look for a better question. You will be amazed how many answers come to you that way.