"The dream marks are all present. You should have recognized them sooner.”
- Mark Twain -

“One who can not give anything away, can not find anything either.”
- Frederich Nietzche-

False History

A few might be wondering what I have been up to the last month or so. Well beyond the final edit of my new book on Awakening “Falling for Truth” published by the TAT Foundation later this spring…I have been researching.

What you may ask.


Ok those who follow me here know I study history constantly in one form or another. However, I had spend a week in my favourite European city recently, Florence. And the power of the artwork, symbolism, and architecture really somehow got into me this time. Something opened and a whole new overview of history began to surface.

On one level I knew most of history is a made up story written by the winner…but the depth of the lie was somewhat still hidden from me. The last 2-3 weeks have been a dive down Alice’s rabbit hole even farther. History is so far beyond a lie as to be shocking. Even the last 50 years is somewhat of a lie, 50-100 years back the lie gets large. Before 1900 it is actually might be close to 99% false. Let that sink in. And why is it so important? because just about everything in our modern world is based on something claimed in the past- from why we use oil and drive cars, or why we cut down forests, or have religion, or wars, or education systems, or just about anything. There is some historical narrative that has been built as the foundation to explain why we have what we have now.

And that foundation is 99% wrong. Not sort of wrong. WRONG. completely.

The problem is finding what IS TRUE. That is very hard, even for something say in our 1800 timeline. We have almost no sources, no photographs, few drawings…we are going on mostly speculation. What we can do is delve through the story and begin to find what is not true and at least tear that down. The next step requires a bit more work.

There is very little research done as written material today…it is all done by guys (yes mostly guys) with youtube channels. They mostly mean well, but they have at times distorted views and opinions they want to force out- and as such, only present evidence in ways that fit their narrative. IT can still be helpful, but requires a lot of “salt” you might say to make it digestible. There are one or two that I think are presenting a good honest overview of what they are finding. I will list them in a few days.

I plan to do another month of research before going into too much with you, because I want a decent overview of what I have been finding, and then see what is the best way to present it.

Friday I will post up one small point of the research and a couple of good links for you to follow.

The ride towards the truth of who we are, where we are, and why things are as they are here in this dream continues…

Falling For Truth and answering questions

I have renamed my new upcoming book “Falling For Truth” being published later in the year by the great folks at the TAT Foundation. When things are ready I will provide links to the table of contents and some sample content.

I would now prefer to answer a few questions on here until the book is out, rather than write articles on what I think readers might find interesting, I would like to answer what is important for you. So pass on some questions and I will see what sort of answers arise for you.

Spring equinox is just a month away. I think everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is looking forward to it.




Today there is sadness in my world. After having 5 wonderful years with my cat, she died this weekend. When we got her in 2014, after she had gone through difficulty in her life. She was a bit sick, and very nervous at times…but once I met her I knew she was coming home with us. We wanted to give her a safe home with lots of love. And that is what we did.

But she gave so much more. She was such a beautiful creature. Waking me up every morning, laying with me on the couch during the day, and stretched out beside me on falling asleep, or sitting on my lap when I went through my illness. She was with us all the time. So gentle and kind.

Now we had to let her go. The pain of her illness was too much for her. While I am experiencing great sadness, I also still feel the warming gratitude of having her in my life. Even though it was only 5 years…they were wonderful beyond belief. I can only hope that our joy scratching your belly, brushing you, the almost constant purring with us, or just hearing you little claws click along the hardwood floor as you walked to check out your food bowl. Every moment was a joy for me. Of course I wished we could have continued our time together, but you were ready. You will live on with me.

Thank you Kitty for being such a wonderful creature. You will be missed, but not forgotten. Good bye cutie…

Who Are the Real Gurus?

Answer- Those who love animals.

I took some time now that my new book is completed, to have a look around the internet and see what is being passed of as gurus today. While not that much has changed, there are some new names on the landscape. All wanting to run a profitable business. The guru game can make one good money.

And the standard safe elements are there. Meditation, mindfulness, watching your thoughts, having an open heart.

But then I got a sense of who I call real gurus. I bumped into some youtube channels on dog rescuers. These two were very profound in Serbia an Romania. Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac in Serbia and Howl of a Dog in Romania. These are countries with very little money, and here so many wonderful dogs and cats are just loosened on the streets when they either get too costly for their owners or the owners just want to forget their animals. Yet here are people basically devoting their life to find and help these creatures, who are often starving and near death when the rescuers find them.




Thankfully people like this go out of their way, for basically no profit. What they get in financially is just to care for, feed, and find good homes for these creatures of our earth. I can add more all over the world doing the same. Such as here in Norway where I live a place like the FOD Garden who looks after homeless cats and dogs. There are organizations all over the world, I just listed a few as an example.

Others of course are working tirelessly in nature to keep tigers or wolves or birds or other creatures living safely in the wild, safely from humans looking to hunt them, or just kill them off for being not liked or not useful. A proper functioning ecosystem and environment is something many humans talk about, but how many are really there on the front lines doing something directly about it. That includes me to. Just how much am I doing day by day to make nature on earth a better place.

So who is a better role model? Who would make a better guru. The people from one of these animal organizations giving up their time to save unwanted and injured animals , or some of the people with fake sounding Indian names, preaching how you can be happy forever if you just buy their 2000 dollar online course to learn how to be the worlds greatest mediator.

That is not the say that there are some people out there with real wisdom. Wisdom that can help others. I have had the pleasure to meet some of them in my life. You know what they charge to help? ZERO. They help to help. Their money comes from elsewhere, another job, perhaps from art they make and sell (paintings, books, sculptures, carvings) or what not. They ask for money for time put into a work of art, not for the time to help someone who asks for assistance. This would be the same as these men helping the animals, first demanding the starving lonely dog pay them 100 dollars to start their healing treatment and counseling sessions.

Running to so many gurus and teachers out there, making big money and importance off the seekers, while doing little for anyone but their own inflated self-importance. I would much rather spend my time with the people who give up theirs, to help unwanted and badly treated animals to feel safe and cared for. They do this for no money, putting whatever comes in back to care of the animals. The people who work and run animal rescue shelters all over the world are more closely aligned to the teachings of Buddha or Jesus or any other figure that people think they are following. Really who would either of them recommend you learning from, the guru who is demanding hundreds of dollars for their super DVD set, or the woman spending all day with abandoned cats and dogs to maybe after weeks or months of time- finally get them to see they have some hope. I know who I would recommend.


So really. Who are the gurus you would like to follow? I know who mine are.


Note: I am not the copyright holder of any of these images or sayings. Yet I feel the originators would appreciate their message reaching as many people as possible. If they need to be taken down, I will do so.


Not the films you might think.

This is the footage we currently have of the Bush funeral in December. It is possible that in a few years that film will be as famous as the Zapruder Film. There were so many odd things there not expected for a funeral of a US President.

So the same way I do an analysis of movies like Donnie Darko, Groundhog Day or Pleasantville- this also needs to be symbolically looked at. I have seen lots on the net so far, but not 100% convinced that anyone has got it fully figured out yet, just a few bits and pieces here and there.

Makes for activity during the indoor winter months.

Happy historical hunting out there.



Youtube, writing, history and more

I have a lot to share and update you on for 2019, with the world and me personally. So rather than wait to make this one long post, I will be updating what is here in stages over the course of the week. So by 7 days all I want to say will make it up here, so in stages here we go.

(Part 4 just added)

Part 1
The TAT Foundation is finished with the edit of my book. All For Nothing. Falling for Life. It has been a long journey to its completion, 7 years of my writing it, 3 years of editing it. Yes that is 10 years of my life. I am just going over it one more time to be happy with all that is said in there.
Once is ready to be be purchased I will put up a link to the table of contents and some sample chapters. The book I hope will be a tool that can really be of value to where you are now, and where you may be headed. I hope it is ready for everyone to read in the spring.


Part 2

I am planning a limited number of lectures during this year, beginning with complete reveal of all I have found on Egypt and other ancient civilizations. They will be filmed and segments made available to view. When I know the dates and locations I will let you know.

Part 3
I had been thinking that I might make a move away from writing in 2019, and get into the youtube platform like everyone else is doing now. But I took a long hard look at it and decided not to. And here is why. The youtube channels, when they are about ancient wisdom, or spirituality, or conspiracy or anything else are basically just giant blobs of information. And for what they are they do serve a nice. Bite sized pieces put out for easy consumption. However like a meal at mcdonald’s that does not mean they are the best for long term.
The makers of these sites are partially in the facebook game, it is all about views. In this case their popularity translates into making a profit. And hey as a guy who has made next to nothing for 20 years of research I can fully relate to the want to create a following and make money from what you want to study. The problem is in the product. By just putting out a video every day or two, takes time, but not enough time to generally really do enough research on a topic. They are rushed out pieces of info and often researched just enough to make a point, but not enough to be able to go deeper or validate what they present.
There is a second problem with the youtube route. That is the platform requires the internet to be seen. If the internet is down or eliminated, then the videos are not longer viewable. Should you download some, that requires at least electricity for your computer to watch them. As such they are a here today, perhaps not a here tomorrow platform.
Thirdly and you may notice this for sure, there is no soul in it. A video presentation, even most documentaries, rarely have the soul of the creator shine through. That can basically only come with the author’s words put directly the page as in the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages (or with any piece of art that gets the soul of the artist transferred into it). Printed books are a next step down. I have noticed that anything that was printed that was first written by hand on paper has more soul in it, than does a book that was typed directly onto a computer screen. A typewriter is like an interface between the two. Hence my renewed reminder to write everything on paper first, before transferring the words to a screen if needed, to keep as much of the soul in the wring as possible.

My goal and wish has always been to present not just information, but something which has mysoul put into it, that somehow my reader can share with me the entire research process and what has been discovered. I am not interested in quantity, but hopefully long standing quality and value.

It is also for that reason that I am not just going to continue to put up blog posts. I feel those tend to be no more than rushed out blurbs of information. Unmade bread. So instead I will be only post things that could be claimed to be complete articles. Complete pieces that have soul to them. So I will take down things that I feel do not do that, so that all that can be left is things that have soul and are helpful.

As this post continues I will  discuss what I am researching currently, and my plans this year with it.


Part 4

There is potential a lot happening in the world right now. Normally I have said that to people with a sense of sadness, more chaos coming. But this is the first new year where there could be some big change (that while chaoitic for a short while) might finally be good for humans long term. It is sort of under the scenes for normal people, but certain alternative news groups are running with it. Without going into detail yet, as for now it is just a rumor- but it would be an announcement from the USA around Jan 3-21. Somewhere in that time frame, and it if happens it would not only shock the average person in the street, but would without doubt vilify the research and work people such as myself have been doing in the last 20 years. Sorry I don’t want to say more than that, but if something comes along as a confirmation I will update.

(continued info on writing, patreon, history, world changes in the upcoming days in this post)




People are supposed to ring in the holidays with the sounds of good cheer. Yet for many worldwide they are ringing in the new year with something else, something they ring every day with…

Tinnitus. The inner sound of a buzzing, whirring or ring that for many never stops. So I want to share some I have learned with this issue, and a few of the ways I have to help manage the issue (I have yet to stop it, only lessen the effect). Mine seems related to periods of sinus buildup that enflames the eustachian tube (that runs between the ear and the throat), and from simply the brain in hyper-stimulation mode from modern high doses of electromagnetic energy.

I have had Tinnitus for the last 2 years. One day it just showed up. It goes on and off. Sometimes it is one ear, sometimes the other, sometimes both. When it is there it is frustrating to say the least. Silence is next to impossible, you crave for some form of noise, just to drown it out. Any sort of repetitive sound.

There can be many causes of this. 30 years ago it was basically rarely seen by doctors. And when it was, it was usually due to a loud noise that had caused damage to the ear. But even in the past there were references to tinnitus when no loud noise was the cause. Cold or sinus infection was said to be the next culprit, but as I say there are many. The Elbers Papyrus in Ancient Egypt mentions the problem as calling it bewitching in the ear, and called for herbs to placed within to pull out the illness. Greeks and Romans too had their cures for this baffling problem.

I have learned much about it.

Today it has exploded into epidemic range. The influx of wifi, cell phones, and other electromagnetic influence, blue light from hours a day staring at screens I believe is the main cause of the brain getting overloaded and stressed. For many have claimed the ringing is a natural body mechanism to relate a danger it notices in the environment, or how one is doing. The fact is is always ringing means the system is indicating constant danger 24 hours a day. And that to me the attack the brain is responding to constantly is from electromagnetic frequencies.

Interestingly, Jinsheng Zhang, a professor of otolaryngology claimed that as signals from the outside world got decreased (due to hearing loss), the brain’s auditory system becomes more active to make up for the loss. I quote him from an Atlantic article from 2016,

Now, you can hear my voice, because my voice is a sound that’s converted to a signal,” Zhang says. “My sound signal is converted by your hair cells into neural signals and they travel to the brain. This stimulates lots of nerve cells in the brain. They become excited and they start to fire. The increased neural activity is coded, it has meaning. But if the ear is damaged, there is no sound but the brain has enhanced activity. This enhanced activity has no coded meaning.” The meaningless activity can be perceived as a sound, and then you’ve got tinnitus.

What he is suggesting, without probably even realizing it, is the effect of electromagnetic energy. He claims sounds, such as his voice, can register through hair follicles or other senses not just the ear. The brain picks up far more than just what we hear or see. So how much of the wifi, cell phone, radio, and other signals are our brains picking up and being overloaded with, without us even realizing it? I see this problem for people getting even worse as we move to such things as 5G internet and whatever else comes after that.

I have learned how to manage it, not be done with it completely. But this has helped me, perhaps it will help you as well.

The best is Chinese acupressure points. Triple warmer meridian particularly, which runs up the 4th finger and around each ear. This is the meridian that gets over stressed and needs to be calmed down. The best I have found are TW 17 just in front of the ear lobe, TW 21 near the mid front of the ear, and oddly TW3 at the mid of the 4th and 5th finger knuckles, and TW5 just above the wrist. I may press the points for 30 min, and the reduction may come for an hour later. So if you try it and get no result, just wait. Another point that some may get relief from is a kidney point KD3 at the inner base of the ankle. That is because in Chinese medicine, tinnitus is often claimed to come from a kidney qi deficiency.

Magnesium, zinc and b vitamins can help as we tend to be deficient in at least one. Some have suggested ginkgo biloba, but it is something I have not tried. Sound therapy, which is a similar sound buzzed back to your ear to get the brain to stop making the sound has at times helped along the way.

If it is and Eustachian tube blockage, the best help has been some massage of that tube, just a downward pressing from the back of the ear down along the back on the neck. Done 20 times or so this does help. So too does either ingesting some steam in a shower, or in boiling water placed in a pot (Eucalyptus oil can help as well).



Artists of the Gods

I found this video last week. It is the best I have seen to explain the ancient Egyptian system of art and relief. I believe it is put together by the Laboratory of Alternate History from Russia…but I am not 100% sure.
The basic premise is that Egyptian art is a very specialized set of technical drawings, the same as used by Engineers for building designs. They are the kind even used by IKEA to explain how to put together a book shelf, done with the least amount of words and only the use of pictures. These two things are put together in Egypt in total perfection. Once you understand what they are showing, the wall reliefs become even more amazing to see it. I knew they were at a high level, but never to this state.
The first 5-10 minutes are a bit dull as they talk about Russian spacecraft and how they set up the plans for them. Just keep watching for the next 20 minutes is an amazing presentation.

Two Excellent Books

I want to share two terrific books I have been reading this month.

One is LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME, by James Loewen. This is the updated version of his book from 1995. It has explained a lot for me. His book focuses on US high school college textbooks and how many lies, inconsistencies and just how poor they present history. That mainly they are nothing but a cheering squad for how great and good America is, rather than produce any debate, varied ideas or concepts on history. because if this book I am starting to look at how history is taught to students in other countries and are seeing that history is really just the ruling society groups was of showing how “their system” is the best, and history is just the story of they got “better and better” over time. Amazing book.

The second is BOY CRISIS, by William Farrell. This book is just newly out 2018, but he has been writing and lecturing on this subject for a long time. It is a subject I have been mentioning my writings as well…basically for years we have dealt with the destruction of the feminine…and only in the last 50 years has this been recognized…but now within the last 50 years we are seeing the destruction of the masculine- and that is leading to a terrible mess that is the modern man today. As the need for warriors has left us (hunting, protection, danger) nothing has come to replace a male value to society- beyond opening pickle jars and providing sperm in a cup. Once all women figure out how easy it is to use the bottom side of a can opener to open the jar, men will be totally useless to modern society. And boys are seeing that, and this lack of value, hope, and lack of any proper male role model is leading to what is not really a boy crisis, but a male crisis in the world. Again I highly recommend this book to everyone who has a son, or are a teacher of youth.

John Anthony West

It has been 9 months since John Anthony West died in February of this year. I was lucky enough to have met a man that I could call one of my heroes. He was absolutely instrumental in the beginning of my Egypt search. When I first began this study, on the tail end of a 6 month depression, I had seen a Nova pyramid building program on PBS and knew I had to study Ancient Egypt.

I took my historian’s mind, and went to the local library and took out 12 books on various aspects of Egypt. The first book read is long forgotten, something standard Egyptological. The second book in the pile happened to be Serpent in the Sky by John West. It revolutionized everything I was doing. I was able to skim read the rest of the standard books (I wanted an overview of what they were saying) but I knew after that book the direction it would take for truth of the Ancient World to be found.

What amazed me is I took a look today at John West’s Wikipedia page. It shocked me, well the part I will bold. This is the exact words on Wikipedia, “John Anthony West (July 9, 1932 – February 6, 2018) was an American author, lecturer, guide and a proponent of the Sphinx water erosion hypothesis fringe theory in geology.” It does go on to describe the theory, and how it won an Emmy Award for best documentary. But right there, in line one.

Fringe Theory. That is how his great gift to humanity is still being regarded in the mainstream circles. Basically what West, and of course geologist Robert Schoch did, was for the first time to present very solid scientific evidence that at least one of the Egyptian monuments, in this case The Sphinx of Giza, was much much older than Ancient Egypt. You can look up the details for yourself if you have somehow been researching this material and not seen this yet. For the first time ideas were given a science base. I took geology in university with my history degree. Once pointed out to me, the water weathering on the Sphinx and enclosure were obvious…more so once you get there and can see the limestone up close.

You might say all of the work that has come to books and documentaries since 1991 in trying to unravel the ancient world, its technology, wisdom and what not in some way has John Anthony West’s work as its basis. And those of us in the field, know it.

I met John for a very long evening talk in Luxor in 2004. He was on a tour, but he was kind enough after several phone calls over the previous year, to take a few hours for me to discuss some elements of Luxor and Karnak, and to talk a bit on the book I was writing (The Power of Then) and some what might be called shaping suggestions of it. His quote that made it the back cover of my book is truly one of the most heartwarming gifts that has been given in my life.

He was the inspiration for my search, now in year 21…and he inspired so many more out there. I just wanted to make sure he was acknowledged again, in another place. He truly was a foundation of all that came after him.