"The dream marks are all present. You should have recognized them sooner.”
- Mark Twain -

“One who can not give anything away, can not find anything either.”
- Frederich Nietzche-

Two Excellent Books

I want to share two terrific books I have been reading this month.

One is LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME, by James Loewen. This is the updated version of his book from 1995. It has explained a lot for me. His book focuses on US high school college textbooks and how many lies, inconsistencies and just how poor they present history. That mainly they are nothing but a cheering squad for how great and good America is, rather than produce any debate, varied ideas or concepts on history. because if this book I am starting to look at how history is taught to students in other countries and are seeing that history is really just the ruling society groups was of showing how “their system” is the best, and history is just the story of they got “better and better” over time. Amazing book.

The second is BOY CRISIS, by William Farrell. This book is just newly out 2018, but he has been writing and lecturing on this subject for a long time. It is a subject I have been mentioning my writings as well…basically for years we have dealt with the destruction of the feminine…and only in the last 50 years has this been recognized…but now within the last 50 years we are seeing the destruction of the masculine- and that is leading to a terrible mess that is the modern man today. As the need for warriors has left us (hunting, protection, danger) nothing has come to replace a male value to society- beyond opening pickle jars and providing sperm in a cup. Once all women figure out how easy it is to use the bottom side of a can opener to open the jar, men will be totally useless to modern society. And boys are seeing that, and this lack of value, hope, and lack of any proper male role model is leading to what is not really a boy crisis, but a male crisis in the world. Again I highly recommend this book to everyone who has a son, or are a teacher of youth.

John Anthony West

It has been 9 months since John Anthony West died in February of this year. I was lucky enough to have met a man that I could call one of my heroes. He was absolutely instrumental in the beginning of my Egypt search. When I first began this study, on the tail end of a 6 month depression, I had seen a Nova pyramid building program on PBS and knew I had to study Ancient Egypt.

I took my historian’s mind, and went to the local library and took out 12 books on various aspects of Egypt. The first book read is long forgotten, something standard Egyptological. The second book in the pile happened to be Serpent in the Sky by John West. It revolutionized everything I was doing. I was able to skim read the rest of the standard books (I wanted an overview of what they were saying) but I knew after that book the direction it would take for truth of the Ancient World to be found.

What amazed me is I took a look today at John West’s Wikipedia page. It shocked me, well the part I will bold. This is the exact words on Wikipedia, “John Anthony West (July 9, 1932 – February 6, 2018) was an American author, lecturer, guide and a proponent of the Sphinx water erosion hypothesis fringe theory in geology.” It does go on to describe the theory, and how it won an Emmy Award for best documentary. But right there, in line one.

Fringe Theory. That is how his great gift to humanity is still being regarded in the mainstream circles. Basically what West, and of course geologist Robert Schoch did, was for the first time to present very solid scientific evidence that at least one of the Egyptian monuments, in this case The Sphinx of Giza, was much much older than Ancient Egypt. You can look up the details for yourself if you have somehow been researching this material and not seen this yet. For the first time ideas were given a science base. I took geology in university with my history degree. Once pointed out to me, the water weathering on the Sphinx and enclosure were obvious…more so once you get there and can see the limestone up close.

You might say all of the work that has come to books and documentaries since 1991 in trying to unravel the ancient world, its technology, wisdom and what not in some way has John Anthony West’s work as its basis. And those of us in the field, know it.

I met John for a very long evening talk in Luxor in 2004. He was on a tour, but he was kind enough after several phone calls over the previous year, to take a few hours for me to discuss some elements of Luxor and Karnak, and to talk a bit on the book I was writing (The Power of Then) and some what might be called shaping suggestions of it. His quote that made it the back cover of my book is truly one of the most heartwarming gifts that has been given in my life.

He was the inspiration for my search, now in year 21…and he inspired so many more out there. I just wanted to make sure he was acknowledged again, in another place. He truly was a foundation of all that came after him.

Egypt’s pyramid stones and Sphinx chambers


Much more modern brickwork, at least 100 course up on the north face of the Great Pyramid

A short update. 2 interesting things have come to my attention. The first was a series of drawings presented in the British newspaper The Sphere, on March 22, 1913. It claims to be drawings made on from the presentation of Harvard Egyptologist GA Reisner…who was in fact a key part of the digs on the plateau right into the 1930’s.

What it depicts are his finding that the internal structure of the sphinx’s head and body contain large temples, the body of a pharoah (he claims Menes, the one claimed to have unified of upper and lower Egypt) in a special pyramid room, and that stairs lead down to further chambers.


Someone has uploaded it here



(I had trouble getting it to appear so had to split the webname up like this…just put the two parts together, place in your browser and hit return)

The original paper can be found here on page 9. You may have to sign up for free to view it.



Now Selim Hassan in the 1930’s did publish info on the “Egptain Subway” as he called it, based on the massive underground temple network he found under the plateau. What is amazing though, is that this info from Reisner seems to have just disappeared from all view everywhere. The only other place to find this mentioned is an obscure North Australian newspaper in 1914.

the australia newspaper



For those who have followed, there are photos of the head of the sphinx, which originally showed a tunnel opening in 1930’s ariel photos, Today photos of the top of the Sphinx head show a giant locked cement manhole cover. They really don’t want anyone getting in there.


Also coming yesterday was another post by Ancient Architects on youtube that the Great Pyramid has different types of limestone in is core, especially the bottom 19 courses, on all 4 sides that lead up to a point on the 19 th course.


If you look careful on any photo of any side of the pyramid it is very clear that this lower limestone is very different from the rest, as it is a much lighter colour, and (when you are there to look at them) is actually joined much more carefully than the stones higher up. On the north face, these arrow like stones lead right to the entrance. So the question goes, do at least one of the other sides have an entrance at the 19 the course. I had looked at these sides many times in my life, but never till yesterday did this become clear. Are their other entrances at course 19, and what of the odd indentation on the south face 1/3 of the way up. I have for 10 years wanted to climb the south face to get a good look at it myself.

Close up of stone half way up on the east face of the great pyramid, my photo

When you watch the go pro of the German guy who illegally climbed the pyramid a few years ago (absolute required viewing) what is important is to carefully watch the blocks that he sees about half way up. They are almost modern, certianly not part of the original structure, and in a few places what is obvious (modern ish) brick work so amazingly out of place. I think this is the real reason no one is allowed to climb the pyramids anymore…not due to worrying about people dying while falling, but they don’t want anyone in the new large pyramid study community to get a glimpse of these obvious modern stones in place. One picture is at the top, but please watch the video closely and you will catch more anomalies in the stones on the, what is north face that he climbs.

Here is the short version climbing video, look at 52-55 seconds of it to see the odd brick work.


The original complete video is there also, around 16 minutes long, that just shows some of the oddest things. Early on- maybe course 5 or 6, is a long circular hole carved into one of the stones. It almost appears drilled Why? It is certainly no erosion, it is a seemingly drilled core. Now we have many samples of ancient drill holes, at Abu Sir and Sakkara for example, but this one seems almost modern. And only on this 1 stone, as I see no others with this odd drill feature on his climb. Was it a core sample for testing? To put a camera through? Some other reason?

Here is the long video


Are the bricks put there to hide an entrance or other breaches? Or were they coverings placed by the Ancient Egyptians. An interesting theory presented, was the pyramid originally cased, or cased over later by the Old Kingdom Egyptians themselves in order to seal the thing off. Perhaps to hide an orgianal stairways to each of the entrances. The Bent Pyramid at Daschur has 2 entrances, and the Khafe pyramid at Giza has 2 entrances, both from the north and they do join up- but still there is two?

So really what gives? Now of course if the Ancient Egyptians were the ones who later tried to seal over an entrance way by adding a giant course of limestone blocks and then the casing…would of course mean the entire slope of the pyramid would be off if they did not completely add blocks the entire way up to keep the slope steady- for to only do the bottom 19 would make it bulge at the bottom. So to prove this you would have to prove that an obvious second layer was added to the top- or of course much thicker casing stones would have been needed as you went up to make the difference.

Again things to consider.



Honouring Two Giants At Daschur

This is a post to bring one to honour the names of two great people who helped advance the understanding of the ancient world by leaps and bounds- one American, one Russian. Sadly they are both deceased.

The American was John Anthony West, who translated the works of Schwaller de Lubicz and tried to put his understandings into English for the rest of us, and unlock the mind of Symbolist Egypt. One small de Lubicz sentence on a water weathered Sphinx was enough to begin a lifelong journey for him to uncover the much older age of the Sphinx, as well as provide clues into so much of the ancient Egyptian mind.

Andrei Sklyarov was the head of the Labratory of Alternative History in Moscow. He traveled the world to document the amazing stones that had to be carved with machines and other oddities. He was the first I could find to present many of the things that have now become common for youtube bloggers. Not enough give this man credit for his Indian Jones type life.

These men come in direct contact with the oddities of the 3rd chamber in Red Pyramid at Daschur. I have written some in my book on this Egyptian site, as well as this pyramid, which is far more mysterious than most want to discuss.

The big mystery is the final of the corbeled rooms with in the pyramid. A nice video from a youtuber named Matt Sibson of the channel ancientarchitects…presents this quite nicely in his video.

The comment around this room is of a few things. One the stones in this room seem incredible weathered, certainly they had to be exposed to the elements for some time. This is why West was to claim that his might have been the original megalithic monument that stood here, and the pyramid was then built overtop of it. Quite a possible theory when you look at the stones up close. I took a long time in this room on my last Egypt trip in 2015, and the weathering is quite massive.

Then again, as Sibson points out in his video, many claim that this area likely had a floor, which was later dug up by early explorers and as they dug into the bedrock looking for a hidden chamber, were the ones themselves that damaged the rocks not weathering. Another possibility.

From this I want to add the work of Sklyarov. For I agree with him, that the majority of excavation we see at Old Kingdom sites was not done in modern times, nor was done by Europeans or early Arabs. It was done by the Old Kingdom Egyptians themselves. When they came to power in Egypt, one of their first tings Dynastic Egypt undertook was a giant scientific expedition to understand these giant monuments that were in their land. Who these Egyptians were, were they came from, and their specific connection to the original ancient builders of sites like Daschur is unknown.

They did much restoration work, rebuilding on old collapsed sites (the Pyramid of Unas a good example of this) and they did a lot of excavation. Thus it is quite likely that ones who dug up the floor, and either explored the early megalithic structure (West’s theory) or did the digging themselves (archaeology theory) is up for speculation.

The last thing about that room is something Sibson mentions, and I have to say I never noticed it before myself. That is a strange odd placed block on the left wall, that is obviously not like any of the others. Every block in that floor is near identical but 1, almost certainly a stone placed in at a later date to cover some type of shaft…a stone out of place similar to the one you find in the wall of the King’s Chamber near the stone box.

What happens if that stone is removed? I don’t know, but I would guess that it would be similar to the Bent Pyramid a few minutes away, were similar corbaled rooms are connected by a series of passages. The Bent Pyramid has two entrances to the inner chambers, and their is no reason not to suspect that the Red Pyramid may have as well. That stone might lead in fact to a series of passages that move towards a second entrance.

Anyway this post was just to make you think a little, and acknowledge a few long past greats in West and Skylarov, both whose work I still continue to study.

Ancientarchitects channel has a lot of interesting videos, along with another channel cfaps, I suggest you see what they are presenting.

Some have asked my why I don’t have a youtube channel. Long story to say the least, but my time is more spent learning the specifics of how to use ancient Egypt in day to day existence. When I began this study there was no youtube, and no personal video presentations. If someone came along to assist with getting a channel started, because it will take some time to get it up and running, then upkept with enough interesting presentations to make the time put into it worth it. We shall see,

If you have questions please forward them along. Happy to answer them in a new post for others.


The information/digital age is ending. Not like overnight, but it is in a major downswing. This may come as a shock to many people, especially when they look at how long the industrial age lasted before this. But I am pretty clear, our current age is about to go.

We are now inundated with information, more almost than we could ever hope to find. Just click in a word or topic on google search, and out will come 1,000,000 places we could go to learn about it. Do we really need any more information? Do we really need to have any more books written? Basically it is all there already. Perhaps someone will come up with a very very new piece of something lacking- but then they just write the two pages of their small addition without the 200 pages of filler.

People have gotten tired of attending lectures, workshops and whatnot…mostly because what is offered at these things can be found at home on the internet mostly. There is now little that can be presented at at any workshop that is special and unique enough for it to even be given. Take that in for a moment.

And while there is a ton of information out there, because basically anyone can say anything they want about anything, there actually is a ton of junk information covering over the lesser good stuff. The trick has become not to learn how to search to find sources of information, but instead how to quickly be able to judge what has possible value to what is obvious junk…or one will spend hours and hours wasting their time and getting nothing for it, or worse believe the junk and follow along its advice or suggestions.

A good example is the massive amount of websites promoting information on health and healing. I won’t get into here just how poor the average healer is to start with, this is just about the information available. So many sites out there have as their solution to whatever medical problem you have “lose some weight, get some exercise, cut out the coffee…and you will be feeling better in days.” I kid you not. Go and look for yourself if you don’t believe me. Whats even more amazing, is that the people who are posting this, actually think they are doing some sort of great thing. Yes you with the thyroid condition and bronchitis, if you just stop your coffee and drop 2 pounds you will be great in a day or two. It would be laughable if not really just so damn sad. I say this as a guy going through some health conditions over the last year, this is in many cases the best you can get out there- perhaps people meaning well, but with no real knowledge, posting things on the internet as if it is the answer to all of your problems. And that is one part of what makes the information age a bit of a scary phenomena.

Another element of information age, is not just about what there is from the standpoint of stuff on a topic available to us, it is the information agencies have on us. Every website we search is recorded, ever email stored, every post on facebook monitored through bots to tell them what people like or don’t like, where thy shop, what they might buy in the future. There was a scary video I recall a few years ago of someone posing to be the worlds greatest psychic and offering free readings. In the reading he was telling people about their knee operation, their bank account number, their jellyfish sting on their trip to Bermuda…then the wall comes down to reveal about 10 people sitting on computers….and he shows the wire going into his ear where they are feeding all the info found about people openly on the internet. Want a job today…good luck getting one if there is anything on the web that someone might find somewhat confusing about you. Because they second you apply, the google search of your name is on.  And that is just what is available about us to the public…to the rest of the organizations, the amount is staggering.

We are entering a new age, and that is an important thing to know. Really it is. Because just like companies and people who did not see the coming information-computer age and did not adapt to it, got left behind. As such those that will do the same…stick to the same old ideas of blogs, books and information and more information, are going to get left behind while the new age and the new ways of interacting evolve..Those that figure it out early will be on the cusp of great potential and possibility. That is where I hope those of you will be headed, begin to see what is learning, what is coming to be…and making the changes needed to your boat to navigate to the new current.

What is that new current? Hard to fully say for sure. A few have speculated on it, even given the new age a name already. But I can say that I for one am working to tap into that new current that will become our age, and attempt to begin swimming with it, rather than fight the ship to hold down the old ways. That is going to be a mess for those that do. Begin to see the change, become the change, and then just say yes and move with it. Those that do, in 5 years are so will be glad they followed their seeing.

HM 2018

Suggested Website

I wanted to pass on a link to all of you, to the site of Amara Strand.com. I can report that she has some of the best writing currently on the internet regarding dealing with an awakening if it has happened, no matter how big or small.
To awaken beyond the idea of a segregated self is confusing beyond belief. Anyone who tells you otherwise has not had that happen, but had some type of spiritual or mystical experience that they are labeling awakening for their own gain or importance.
Find the articles that fit your situation and I am sure you will find something helpful. You have to go to the bottom of the page and search around a little bit, but it will be worth it.

Recommended Dose


Power of Then is Now Free.

I have made many updates to my book Power of Then. Basically it was a few chapters being rewritten with new information, particularly the chapter on pyramids. I think you will all find it a new perspective.

I began to notice that a few copies of the original work were for sale on the internet, some for incredible sums of money 2-300 dollars. I wrote the book to be accessible for people, not just those with a big bank account, so I wanted to get a new print version done and made available for a reasonable price. Originally I was going to use a print on demand publisher for this, and make it available through them. As it turns out, there were endless frustrating delays in the process that just made me realize that I should make this book available for free to everyone. I have included a paypal button for donations. The book took me over 12 years to write, and has been updated twice since then. A lot of my time has gone into this project.

I will be posting a couple of my thoughts in the coming weeks. One is the disappointment that has come surrounding the world of healers and alternative healing that I have come across over the last year. The second is that I feel our Information Age is leaving us, and a new age is soon upon us. It is another reason for my feeling to make this book available for all of you- there is no point in holding back on the presentation of information.

Oddly I had originally thought that writing this book would really help many people, and help me too. It was a stepping stone to lead to lectures, tours and documentaries. All of those things though have in some way become a disappointment for me as well. Not so much because those things never materialized after the book was finally written- but more because of what is out there now in those fields.

Egypt tours led by people with meager credentials, costing massive amounts of money with little to show. Documentaries promising the answer of all answers, and of course giving nothing, fooling people with an exciting title. Books promising they know the secret, when no one it seems knows- and if they do- they are smart enough to not be talking about it. For really how can one PROVE that something 4000, 6000, 8000 years ago is true? When it comes to Ancient Egypt we might be talking 10,000, or 50,000 years ago. Maybe more. That is not say there are not a few well done documentaries, or books or tours out there- but they are so few and far between that it would take less than a page to list all of them.

And I began to wonder what did all my years of sacrifice really create. How much was there in my book? I began to see that in fact, I really was not writing books. I was writing the way I had learned in University. Which is no more than a place to suck the soul and creativity out of someone. Writing…is a story. You can provide great insights and information, moreso when adding it with a story and an insight into the human mind and condition at the same time. Wisdom should be passed along via art- either a sculpture, painting, building, stonework, or a story. I finally see that now. As such I appoligse to my readers that I never understood this during the 20 plus years of writing this book. I wrote it the way the soul sucking university taught me to. I can in fact see the story now that would have wound its way through the experience of unraveling the great mysteries of the Ancient World. Much of the same information could have been given- in somewhat reduced form, but with a story. Right now I am reading Brave New World by Huxley and Timeline by MC. All this was another reason to make this work for free, for now it seems like a giant mass of notes rather than what I could call the true art of writing. My book that was completed a year ago- All For Nothing, does include a story that runs through it, and should be published later this year. I feel there is something deeper in it for making that choice.

But as such the giant old work is here for all of you now. I first began this research in 1997, over 20 years ago. I gave up much to continue to research, travel to sites and ask questions. And as such it is time to let this energy go to whoever can make use of it, and time for me to turn my attention to other subjects and matters.

So enjoy the updated Power of Then, all 500 plus pages worth. Use that material to fuel you own inner fire of curiosity. What is the next step in your search? Where will all of this take you?

Drop a comment below if you wish.

Happy reading.

The book can be reached via the books page or HERE directly.

Pyramid Texts of Sakkara



Pyramid of Unas

This section now appears as part of my free online book and can be read in its entirety in chapter 21.

Chapter 21: Pyramid Texts
Found on pyramid walls in Sakkara, these are considered the oldest religious documents in history. Yet these texts are even prior to religion, they are the realizations of the Absolute that are at the core of all spiritual seeking.

Minkaure Temple Blocks

I originally posted this on my facebook “Revealing Egypt’s Lost Wisdom” page and wanted to put it here also. I will putting up something extra special on January 1, so look forward to the fun article.


It may not seem like much on the surface, but these two photos are from the Minkare Temple at Giza. Not many venture over this far to the smallest of the 3 main Giza pyramids. Those limestone blocks are monsters, 100 ton stones or more. One aspect is the how and why of transporting and using such giants, but also is to look at the weathering. They are much more weathered than most of the mastaba and tomb structures said to be built at the same time. So the real question is, just how old is this part of the complex?


Books and update

Wanted to drop a note to everyone. I will be getting a revised copy of The Power of Then, with full 200 photographs, ready for download sale by the end of January. I am currently choosing the provider.

However I also feel that much of this material should be available to those interested, no matter one’s financial means. Thus I will also be making a large portion of the book available also for free on this site, with a paypal button to ask for a donation from those downloading. But it will be a free PDF, the paypal donation will be the downloader’s choice. Hopefully many will be surely interested enough to purchase the entire book-photos and all.

I will getting interviewed in a few podcasts later this month and early February, as I want to share more information of the very interesting areas, in Egypt and around the world, that I have been working on. I will keep you posted here when they will come and be able to be viewed.

I am currently working on a new project with the hundreds of pages of research material from the last few years. I hope by spring to tackle that and have it ready sometime in 2018 for everyone.

For now I will simply ask that if you have a topic or suggestion that you would like me to write a blog post on, drop me a note to my contact, or you can travel over to Revealing Egypt’s Lost Wisdom page on FB and drop me a note. I would prefer to write a few articles now that are of direct interest to those following along with my work.

I look forward to being more active in 2018, and presenting much more information that I have to this point,as well making my previous writings more easily available to those who wish to read them.

Have a great New Years.