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VOLUME 1- The Spiritual Volume

Opening and Introduction

Chapter 1: Mystery Schools
The Egyptian temple system of teaching that became the model for the rest of the world.

Chapter 2: Egyptian Religion
Religion in Egypt focused on the many layers of existence within humans and the world.

Chapter 3: What Are Neteru?
The Neteru are not gods or goddesses, but aspects of creation within all of us, and hidden in symbolism, language and art

Chapter 4: Egyptian Pyramids
The most famous pyramids are on the Giza Plateau with the stone Sphinx, yet other sites in Egypt from Sakkara to Daschur offer similar giant stone complexes. Not tombs for dead kings, these are the places where the deepest transformation of self and reality can take place.

Chapter 5: Egyptian Texts
The oldest religious documents in the world reveal themselves as the origin of all modern religions. What was the core they were built on?

Chapter 6: Creation Mythology
The four main creation myths (Atum, Tehuti, Ptah and Amun) interplay with each other to reveal universal knowledge of matter, time and space.

Chapter 7: Egyptian Temples
The great temple at Luxor is an example of the cosmic building of the Egyptians, placing the form of a human being in symbol, within the temple’s layout. Other temples such as Karnak and Abydos reveal a different aspect.

Chapter 8: Osiris Myth
The great teaching of Osiris, Isis and Horus that touches on confinement, illusion, seeking and finding.

Chapter 9: Egyptian Knowledge
Deep secrets placed in art, architecture and astronomy

Chapter 10: Amulets/Magic/Mummies
Why did the Egyptians mummify? What were they trying to obtain? Was it really for eternal life, or was it something much more amazing?

VOLUME 2- The Hermetic Volume

Chapter 11: Hermeticism
Symbolic descriptions in myth and images, outline the alchemic steps of lifting the veil of unkowing.

Chapter 12: Number, Geometry
Plato and Pythagoras’ wisdom of sacred number and geometry comes from Egypt, and can be used to understand manifested reality.

Chapter 13: Sound
The ancients used sound and music as powerful tools for controlling the mind, healing the body, and shifting reality.

Chapter 14: Healing and Medicine
The healers in Egypt were the most powerful in history. Why?

Chapter 15: Fairy Tales
Not stories for children, tales like Cinderella or Little Red Riding Hood were storehouses to place the ancient Hermetic wisdom.

Chapter 16: Teotihuacan
Mexico’s mirror site to Giza in Egypt reveals the connection between these two lands, and how advanced the early Toltecs were.

Chapter 17: Tarot
Modern playing cards may be the descendants of the Ancient Egyptian Book of Thoth.

Chapter 18: North America, Hawaii, Olmec and Maya
Myths of the Native Indians and Hawaii show an Egyptian influence, while the earliest cultures in Mexico show a similar origin, of pyramid building and mythology.

Chapter 19: European Stone Circles
England and the Northern European landscape are dotted with giant megalithic stone structures, many of which are placed into circular formats. Is there a reason for this choice of building?

VOLUME 3- The Volume of the Dreamstate

Chapter 20: Hermetic Trickster
The sacred trickster and heyoka are a part of this sacred tradition that uses words and actions to push awareness to new levels.

Chapter 21: Pyramid Texts
Found on pyramid walls in Sakkara, these are considered the oldest religious documents in history. Yet these texts are even prior to religion, they are the realizations of the Absolute that are at the core of all spiritual seeking.

Chapter 22: Book of What is in the Duat
Found on tomb walls in the Valley of the Kings, this document reveals Egypt’s symbolic knowledge of transformation of the egoic mind.

Chaper 23: Egyptian Book of the Dead
Egypt’s most famous text is not about the way to an eternal afterlife, but about the living world, and force called Apop that has come to veil our view of it.

Chapter 24: Shifting the Focus
The Mayan Calendar noteed great change to occur in 2012. This is echoed in the prophecy of the Hopi, Hindu, Lakota, Inca and others. Little seemed to happen, but perhaps it did, it was just too subtle to be openly noticed.

Chapter 25: Just Pass It On
My reason for the research, investigation and writing of the three volumes of this book.

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