"The dream marks are all present. You should have recognized them sooner.”
- Mark Twain -

“One who can not give anything away, can not find anything either.”
- Frederich Nietzche-

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New Videos

I have chosen over the last month to be putting my time into the making of videos on my youtube channel Howdie Mickoski Talks. While once in a while I will add a written transcript here or a short article that can not be turned easily into a video, most of what I am doing now will be in video form.

You can see spiritual discussions such as: Spiritual Warfare part 1 and 2, Why There Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of, Stone Circles and Recapitualtion.

There will be more on my historical lies series such as: Third Wave Experiment 1967, Buffalo Exposition 1901 or Ancient Agriculture.

So drop by, check out the videos, and if you have an idea for a future video, send me an email or put a comment in one of the video comment sections. Thanks for following and best wishes at your work for inner transformation, clear seeing, and removing the hypnotic spell of the dreamstate (veil of Isis) so you can reach your ultimate goal.


Conscioustv Interview

Iain McNay of Conscioustv interviewed me recently. We discussed many stories of my life. The youtube description for the video is below.

Howdie is the author of ‘Falling For Truth’ and ‘the Power Of Then.’ His first job was working as a professional comedian. When he heard an ex-girlfriend had been murdered it left him shattered and a deep questioning started inside him. His journey led him to study the ancient Egyptians and to work with some very powerful teachers. He realised that he could never know what the ancients were building and doing because he was thinking like a modern human. To understand the ancient past he had to think like the ancients.
In 2005 he had an accident when he nearly drowned. As a result of this he saw reality completely differently.
Howdie talks us through his life, his accident, his realisations, and his process of integration.


“The things that are holding you up personally are the negative things that have happened to you.” (Richard Rose)

The technique of recapitulation (“recap”) is found in all ancient traditions. It is also called purification, throwing off the world, being reborn into the world, the inventory and the little death. It is the remembering, or more precisely, the reliving and recovering of all our past experiences. It is claimed that prior to death our entire life flashes before our eyes to allow us to review it, see how every event was interconnected, and see the challenges we did not embrace and overcome. Because it shows us the truth, many will find it hard to undergo this review. Ancient wise men and women realized that this process “cleaned” us before leaving the world of form, thus to do the review while still alive, we would gain the benefits that we normally wait until death to receive.

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Howdie Mickoski Talks

I have finally relented and started a youtube channel. I had wanted to for years to focus only on the written word (books and articles) but have come to see that the new way of people getting their information is in video form. Thus if you want to reach people today, this is the method- and so I have agreed and will be posting videos, interviews and talks to the channel below.

I will still post here articles or other things which can not be easily turned into a video format, so now some of my research will be in video form, others in written form.

Howdie Micksoki Talks Link

Healing Sounds

As an addition to the previous post, I wanted to share something that you can do yourself that might be able to help with whatever you are dealing with. That is the use of vibrational sounds on youtube videos. While there are hundreds of channels out there, the two below (Meditative Mind, and Good Vibes Binaural Beats) are two of the ones that tend to give me a noticeable difference when I put one on.

Some are just for de stress or calm, others work the chakras, others to focus on a part of the body or whatnot. If you have never tried them before, choose a couple, listen for 5 minutes and see if it “resonates” with you. If not then try another, eventually one will come along that does feel like it is doing something. As an aside, it is the only comments section of videos I tend to read, generally the positive vibe that comes in the comment section is as amazing as the vibrations sounds themselves.

Best Wishes


Key 1- Honesty

I will be presenting an overview of the talk I gave last week in Oslo of what I called The Five Spiritual Keys, the main foundation we have to have in our being to make any real progress on this path. But in the last week I have added a few more items to the list of 5.

So the first key is HONESTY. Now what does honesty mean in the spiritual area. It is not about how much you reveal or confront people on the street, or acquaintances or whatnot. This is about first of all how honest you are with yourself. About what you are feeling, what you are actually experiencing (which is what most spirituality is designed to hide from, people use spirituality to not have to look into what personal or world suffering is) so you have to stay alert to notice what is coming up and be honest to look at it clearly. It also means to be honest with your closest spiritual friends. The only way you can at times see what is going on inside, is to have an honest external mirror to help show you. And if both are being honest more can be seen than any one individual can see.

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Death and Awakening Interview, Part 1

Here you can find a new interview conducted by Einar Sorbey from Unity.no . He asks a number of very good questions (he came tremendously prepared and it shows in how he conducts this interview). We get into the role of death in the spiritual search, the use of prayer as Native Indians understand it, as well as spiraling inward. The second part will come out in January.


Video Interview-Falling For Truth

Shawn Nevins of the TAT Foundation and I did an interview recently where we discuss the themes and some of the stories surrounding my book Falling For Truth.

It can be seen as a video here

And as a podcast on spiritualteachers.org here

With the book now out for a month, I thought it would be a good idea to lay out a small overview of what is in the book chapters so those visiting this site can better see the many areas it contains.

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So you want to wake up?

And go somewhere to do it.

But there is nowhere to go.

No place to walk to.

No path will get you there.

Enlightenment is where you are right now.

It is here, not there.

No paths, no walking, no goals, no guides.


When you truly know that answer,

You will be awake.

HM 2006


“Die while you are alive,
and be absolutely dead.
Then do whatever you want.
It’s all good.”

Q I had a dream last night and death was following me.

A Death is always following you. The process of awakening is the process of death. The death of everything you believed to be you. One will not realize without the force of death. It is why we make death our best friend. Talk about hanging out with the wrong crowd huh? Every spiritual aspirant has a giant fear of death, yet has great courage to not run from it but instead, seek it out.

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