"The dream marks are all present. You should have recognized them sooner.”
- Mark Twain -

“One who can not give anything away, can not find anything either.”
- Frederich Nietzche-

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“Die while you are alive,
and be absolutely dead.
Then do whatever you want.
It’s all good.”

Q I had a dream last night and death was following me.

A Death is always following you. The process of awakening is the process of death. The death of everything you believed to be you. One will not realize without the force of death. It is why we make death our best friend. Talk about hanging out with the wrong crowd huh? Every spiritual aspirant has a giant fear of death, yet has great courage to not run from it but instead, seek it out.

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Movies and Books

Here are some of my favourite movies and books that I feel have something useful to reveal to someone. Check them out.

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This process appears now in my new book Falling For Truth. However, many people have come to this article on my site for many years to help with their practice, so I have decided to keep this available for site readers.

“Only through the recapitulation of one’s entire life
can the apprentice truly understand his total being.”
-Theun Mares-

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Stopping Internal Dialogue

“Stopping the internal dialogue is singularly the most important act
an apprentice must accomplish.”
Carlos Castaneda

Internal dialogue is a form of possession. Conversations and dialogue with people or things not present. Something not you is controlling you, that is the definition of possession. These forces, or rather thoughts of these forces become possessive and control you and their arrival causes you to lock into them and act with them. They take up your valuable energy that could be used to do anything else. But there is more to internal dialogue than just stealing energy in mental conversation. Looked at closely you will see that it is this dialogue that in fact makes your external reality.

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Alone In Enlightenment

“I’m nobody.
Who are you?”
Are you nobody too?
-Emily Dickinson

Realization is a very misunderstood…I was going to write achievement, but it’s not an achievement, just a happening. It is like making a long, steep, tough climb up a mountain, only to get to the top and go, “mmmm, nice view.” Then you walk back down. That’s it, nothing special, but it revolutionizes everything. Enlightenment is the shocking realization that there is only one. Not one thing, or all is connected, just one. It sounds like a simple re-ordering of words, but the meaning of that word order is profound.

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I will be putting out more movie analysis that I have stored in my file of notes. I thought the first would be a movie almost 15 years old, Inception.

People are still trying to determine what in that movie was “reality” and when the main character (Leo DiCaprio- Cobb) was dreaming. The trick is to see that the entire movie was a dream. Even places where one feels there is a reality, normal world- just like our world, he too is dreaming.

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Falling For Truth and answering questions

I have renamed my new upcoming book “Falling For Truth” being published later in the year by the great folks at the TAT Foundation. When things are ready I will provide links to the table of contents and some sample content.

I would now prefer to answer a few questions on here until the book is out, rather than write articles on what I think readers might find interesting, I would like to answer what is important for you. So pass on some questions and I will see what sort of answers arise for you.

Spring equinox is just a month away. I think everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is looking forward to it.



Who Are the Real Gurus?

Answer- Those who love animals.

I took some time now that my new book is completed, to have a look around the internet and see what is being passed of as gurus today. While not that much has changed, there are some new names on the landscape. All wanting to run a profitable business. The guru game can make one good money.

And the standard safe elements are there. Meditation, mindfulness, watching your thoughts, having an open heart.

But then I got a sense of who I call real gurus.


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People are supposed to ring in the holidays with the sounds of good cheer. Yet for many worldwide they are ringing in the new year with something else, something they ring every day with…

Tinnitus. The inner sound of a buzzing, whirring or ring that for many never stops. So I want to share some I have learned with this issue, and a few of the ways I have to help manage the issue (I have yet to stop it, only lessen the effect). Mine seems related to periods of sinus buildup that inflames the eustachian tube (that runs between the ear and the throat), and from simply the brain in hyper-stimulation mode from modern high doses of electromagnetic energy.


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Native Prayer

The Tat Foundation web magazine put up an article that I wrote that compared the way Native Indians use prayer compared to what Richard Rose called the method of between-ness- the way of using Intent to move with, rather than against the dream.

Rather than re-post the article here, I will leave a link to it- below.