Stone Circle Råde, Norway

Stonehenge, the world’s most famous stone circle, lies on the Salisbury Plain in Central England. Yet few know that there are hundreds of other stone circles in the Scandinavia and Northern Europe of various shapes and sizes. Ancient cultures all over the world loved to build large megalithic (stone) structures, but the builders of Northern Europe seemed to favour the circle as their building specialty. Circular stone structures are also found in the North American Native Indian tradition in their medicine wheels, and I feel that the medicine wheels of North America and the circles of Europe are linked in function.

Medicine Wheels
Native Indians still build and use medicine wheels, and they can include anywhere from four to hundreds of stones, used to create a circular monument that can also include “spokes of a wheel.” The circle represents the four directions, and each stone has specific symbolic meaning based on its position within the wheel. The wheel itself can be meditated on, walked, or simply stood on specific areas depending on the needs of the one who is coming to it. Usually entering from the east or the south, the wheel is also usually walked clockwise, which helps to turn on the energy vortex. A medicine wheel is only walked counter-clockwise when dismantling it, thus removing the stones and turning off the power source. This is the problem that has happened at Stonehenge, where the crowds are “directed” to walk around the monument counter-clockwise, thus the thousands of visitors who go to see it are turning it off a bit each day. The charge at that site is very weak now, and I recommend on your visit to walk in clockwise manner and you might feel something when there as you are following the natural flow of energy.

Similar to the stones at Teotihuacan, where each carries a specific set of information, a medicine wheel can be visualized the same way with each stone holding information or knowledge thus one does not just learn about a medicine wheel as a whole, but in fact also needs to learn about each stone individually. A labyrinth is a specific type of medicine wheel, found extensively in the Mediterranean and Europe.

The Northern European countries of Norway and Sweden are good examples of the amazing pre-Viking sites that dot the area, and are mostly unknown to even the local population. While Viking area graves are often found close by, it is the older megalithic stone monuments that drew the Vikings to these spots. As I will mention, stone circles are medicine wheels using much larger stones. In Scandinavia I have visited perhaps 50 stone circles, some made with small and medium sized stone, others with very large stones (as can be seen in the photographs).
Few locals visit them. It would amaze me when I would hear of someone gathering up a bunch of money to travel to England to spend two weeks visiting Stonehenge and Avebury, when they have equally powerful stone circles just a 20-30 minute drive away. Just as pyramids are not tombs, these circles have nothing to do with physical death. In later times- just as graves began to be associated at pyramid sites hoping to somehow use that energy in the afterlife- so too here. Instead think of these circles as the temples of the ancient people. It is where they would come for healing, answers, ceremonies, knowledge, prayer, initiation, or simply just to calm the mind and body. And of course as I write in this site and my books- while the ancient sites do open a doorway to death- it is the death of self-mind that is focused on- in order to experience the Totality of the Self while still alive in the body.
These stones were not just placed randomly on any spot, but on a place where the energy of the earth’s meridians cross (as the body has energy meridians, and certain points acupuncture needles can be placed in order open or unclog stuck areas). You can think of the stones as acupuncture needles, and are placed at areas where the earth’s meridians can be accessed at very strong connection points. Not to be overlooked is the incredible mathematical precision with which these stones have been laid out. A German researcher I met at a site told me he has been studying European circles for over 20 years. He has measured each stone and circle, and found them matching various constellations in the sky, as well as being built with the mathematical properties of pi, phi (golden section), and various other geometric principles. In fact the geometry is staggering once you begin to have it revealed.

Once one has gained a connection and feeling to these places, one will notice spots where the legs (sometimes the entire body) will begin to buzz or feel somewhat electric. Others will notice extreme hot or cold spots, but others may get a surge of energy or clarity of mind. Also notice that the stones themselves have been specifically shaped and carved- and many of the stones will show human or animal faces that seem to project out of the stones from various angles.

Unfortunately many of these circles have been destroyed over the years. Some by farmers, wanting to clear the land, while others were purposely destroyed by the Catholic Church- who on taking over the area wanted to use the obvious power spot for their own new church. At most old churches (say pre 1500) you can usually find one old very tall stone- one of the ones that they left to stand on the site as a reminder to the power that they now controlled. In fact by tracking these old “stave churches” (which connect together in straight lines on the map) you can find a lot of old standing stone monoliths, or stones that had been part of a circle.
The countries of Norway and Sweden- in their Hermetic heyday, likely had thousands stone circles all over the country. Imagine the energy that must have present along the entire of Scandinavia if all of theses sites were complete, active and in use by the men and women of wisdom in the communities.


Group enjoying stone circle at Rode

When coming to a stone circle there are a few suggestions that I have to help enhance your visit. The first is to bring some sort of gift for the area. Some may choose to gift flowers, food or tobacco- but even just giving some of your water to the stones is enough to let the area know that you are showing respect and not coming there just to take, that you are wishing to give as well.
Similar to working with native Indian medicine wheels (which in effect is what this is, just with bigger stones) is to walk around one of the circles (slowly) clockwise. You do not need to do this for every circle. By doing this you are helping to turn the energy of the site “on” and at the same time showing respect by not rushing right away into the circles, but are willing again to give. You can enter from any direction you feel is right, but the native teachers I have worked with have usually suggested to enter such a structure from the east or from the south (due to the symbolic meaning of those directions).
While in the circle it is best to try to stay as quiet as possible. Save lunch breaks and long conversations outside of the circles. Try not to rush, but to spend some time just standing or sitting. Not the entire circle will have a strong energy, in some I have found that only one spot that still holds the energy- so just because you walk to the center and don’t “feel anything” don’t think the circle is not active. Try sitting with a few of the stones, or elsewhere within it. Of course if then you don’t feel a connection to that circle or drawn to another, then go to to another circle and try again.
Don’t take things from the site. You may think that rock looks pretty, or even is “a power stone” but you have no idea exactly what energy or power it has been soaked with- and in fact taking a simple stone can in fact lead to a tremendous case of “bad luck” as the energy comes in contact with your current life. Instead I recommend the best thing to take from a site is in fact charged water. Bring a glass (it must be glass) bottle of water and leave it in a circle or on a stone (especially if the sun is out and the sunlight can interact with the water). It needs only a few hours to charge the water. It then can be made into a tincture-flower essence equivalent- or simply used each morning and drank for a while. Those who have used these stone-water infusions have noticed changes from taking it. Recall each stone circle is unique, thus the energy of each will be different, thus charged water from each circle will act differently in different areas.
If possible I recommend several trips to the same stone circle, for it can take some time for the body to get used to the energy and really notice it, and for the site itself to decide to open its knowledge to you. I went to the Hun for example for 10 straight days, and only by day six or seven did the site begin to really open and speak.


Gunnarstorp, Norway

This site, close to the E6 on the Oldtidsvein, is most known for its large stone circle at the top of the hill- but this is a big site and has lots to offer. Located 15-20 walk up a small incline into the forest, this spot gives a clean and relaxed energy. At the first level one can find 4-5 stone circles (although only one still seems “active”). Continuing up the slope one will pass several more circles, a large burial mound (with a most unique and very acoustic inner chamber), before coming to the dramatic large stones at the top of the hill. Five of the stones remain, while several smaller circles exist around. This is an extremely peaceful site, and has a calming and centering energy- this is usually the first stop I make with people who have never been to a circle before.
The church across the way was also built on a power spot, and two of what were likely many stones still remain there, though most of the energy is lost. However by following the line created by the church and Gunnarstorp, other stone circles and sites can be “bumped into.”


The Hun Serpent, Norway

Further on towards Fredrikstad, is a place of great power. Nine stone circles remain of what was once a giant winding serpent of circles that would stretch all the way to the ocean below- follow the “serpent” moving road to see more of the former large stones now used in the walls of people’s homes. This serpent like movement makes it similar to the sites of Avebury in England or Serpent Mound in Ohio. The serpent here of course is the kundalini within the body, and when I walk this circuit (especially from the sea) it does not take long for my back to begin burning, and by the time I reach the furthest stone circles at the top of the rise- it almost feels like I am flying. Each circle and stone is very unique and individually shaped. This is a spot to take much time and several stops in order to allow yourself to get used to the energy. Few know that there is a petroglyph off to the right, and several other stone circles within the trees.

Beside the Hun-the next spot on the way to Fredrikstad is an area that is mostly noticed as grave mounds, but off to the right are several stone circles made of small and medium-sized stones. It is best to see this area in the spring before the grass gets too long and the circles unfindable.


Begby Petroglyph

Boat of Ra, Book of What is in the Duat

Several spots along here are good to check out the many petroglyphs of the area. The most known site is at Begby- and it is here that I was able to notice the similarity between the Egyptian Funerary Texts (especially the Book of What is in the Duat) and these glyphs. Other sites are just to the other (east) side of the E6,  maybe a ten minute drive past Gunnarstop on the left hand side.

Stones surrounded by white flowers, Råde

This site has two lovely circles next to a gas station. What is most amazing here is to notice the trees that surround the area, how all of them are growing towards and over the stone circles (as if to grab there energy)-none of the trees are growing up or away. This is also especially great to visit in the spring when the many white flowers are out in this area and give the site a very magical feeling.



Large stones at Sandfjord, Norway

Another well known circle is on the the western side of the Oslo Fjord at Istrehågan. Instead of being circular, this structure- as is many that are found in Sweden- is more of an oval. It is believed to be set up like a ship- linking the site to Vikings that supposedly built it. But like all of the large megalithic structures I see, I feel that all of these sites are much much older than the date suggested.
What I first noticed about this oval circle, was that while its energy was just as strong as the circle mentioned above- unlike those which had a much more gentle energy- this circle was like a jolt. This gave me the oval may represent the female vagina, thus this could be a place of birthing or creative-type energy.


Stone oval at Strømstad, Sweden

While there are several site across the Norwegian border into Sweden, the one i want to mention specifically is just near Strømstad in the town of Blomsholm. This is another ship-like oval made of of 52 large stones, but most people do not feel comfortable with the energy there (many later 17 and 18th century burials took place here). Most the people I bring stay for 15-20 minutes to get a view of the large stones, then move on across the road. After crossing the road and walking just up the hillside are numerous stone circles, each with their own distinct energy. One of the circles in this area I have found to be a powerful circle of dreaming, that will open up information on the holographic nature of reality. Most find this area so enjoyable, that after 3-4 hours when I suggest it might be time for us to head on to another area, the response is always along the lines of “do we have to leave?” Notice too that when you cross the road to cirlces, you first come to two standing stones. When standing on their parallel line- many find a physical change seems to take place- from easier breathing, to more energy, or clear thought. Almost like the stones are cleaning you and centering you before you get to the circles.



There are several other sites I have found around Norway, a few so strong that several people have become dizzy and ill upon entering. For this reason I will not name or give directions to them openly as I only take people to them after testing how they react to the other sites, especially the Hun.