Honouring Sacred Sites

July 18, 2011

I have spending lots of time lately at stone circles all through Europe. It is too bad that in most cases the sites are virtually ignored- almost no visitors. Even worse, in some cases the sites are not that well looked after- the stones are getting covered with moss and lichens, and smaller stones (which were a key part of the overall design) are now covered over with earth and grass. Yet the power at these places remain- and the stones themselves are acting like “accupuncture needles” into the energy of the earth meridians that cause this energy to be intensified at the site, and at the circle itself.

But that is not the reason for this post. It involves people taking things, ususally stones, from the site. Like anything in nature- people think they can just take what they want, it is all here just for our use. A flower can be picked, rock taken home, a gulf polluted with oil. We can do what we want. I was taught from the natives who shared with me, that we can never take anything from nature- not a flower or even a stone- without asking its permission, and then leaving a gift to that place in return. We always must give to take.
At a power place, such as a stone circle- it must regareded the same as a church or temple. This were places the ancients came for ceremonies, healing, gathering knowledge, and for deep contemplation. The stones, even the small ones of the path, have soaked up tremendous power from being there. And it can be ok for them to come with us- for a time. We may realize that we need a deeper connection of a spot- for healing or knowlege or whatnot. And sometimes a stone is able to help us with our connections.
Before you take any stone from a site- think of it as a church. you wouldn’t just take a painting off the wall because it looked nice. First you must ask if the stone wants to come with you, and REALLY LISTEN. If it says no, then it stays. If it says yes, then you must leave a gift. Either tobacco, another stone, water or some other gift. To not do this could mean that the stone- and its new found power, might turn against you, causing all sorts of disturbance in your life. Many problems people face comes from taking something from nature without its permission. And even if the stone does come, then you must always be ready to return it to the EXACT place you found it, if the feeling comes for that to occur.

In the work of self definition (who am I) and figuring out this place (where am I) power or energy becomes one of the most important tools we can understand to give us what we need to be the battery for our inner seeking. Thus these places of power from the ancient world can help us in ways we may not be able to fully understand. Just remember to treat this- as anything with great power- with great respect. The tiger looks friendly now, but grab it by the tail, and you might get an unsuspecting bite.

Written by Howdie Mickoski


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