Who Are the Real Gurus?

January 13, 2019

Answer- Those who love animals.

I took some time now that my new book is completed, to have a look around the internet and see what is being passed of as gurus today. While not that much has changed, there are some new names on the landscape. All wanting to run a profitable business. The guru game can make one good money.

And the standard safe elements are there. Meditation, mindfulness, watching your thoughts, having an open heart.

But then I got a sense of who I call real gurus.


I bumped into some youtube channels on dog rescuers. These two were very profound in Serbia an Romania. Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac in Serbia and Howl of a Dog in Romania. These are countries with very little money, and here so many wonderful dogs and cats are just loosened on the streets when they either get too costly for their owners or the owners just want to forget their animals. Yet here are people basically devoting their life to find and help these creatures, who are often starving and near death when the rescuers find them.


Thankfully people like this go out of their way, for basically no profit. What they get in financially is just to care for, feed, and find good homes for these creatures of our earth. I can add more all over the world doing the same. Such as here in Norway where I live a place like the FOD Garden who looks after homeless cats and dogs. There are organizations all over the world, I just listed a few as an example.

Others of course are working tirelessly in nature to keep tigers or wolves or birds or other creatures living safely in the wild, safely from humans looking to hunt them, or just kill them off for being not liked or not useful. A proper functioning ecosystem and environment is something many humans talk about, but how many are really there on the front lines doing something directly about it. That includes me to. Just how much am I doing day by day to make nature on earth a better place.

So who is a better role model? Who would make a better guru. The people from one of these animal organizations giving up their time to save unwanted and injured animals , or some of the people with fake sounding Indian names, preaching how you can be happy forever if you just buy their 2000 dollar online course to learn how to be the worlds greatest mediator.

That is not the say that there are some people out there with real wisdom. Wisdom that can help others. I have had the pleasure to meet some of them in my life. You know what they charge to help? ZERO. They help to help. Their money comes from elsewhere, another job, perhaps from art they make and sell (paintings, books, sculptures, carvings) or what not. They ask for money for time put into a work of art, not for the time to help someone who asks for assistance. This would be the same as these men helping the animals, first demanding the starving lonely dog pay them 100 dollars to start their healing treatment and counseling sessions.

Running to so many gurus and teachers out there, making big money and importance off the seekers, while doing little for anyone but their own inflated self-importance. I would much rather spend my time with the people who give up theirs, to help unwanted and badly treated animals to feel safe and cared for. They do this for no money, putting whatever comes in back to care of the animals. The people who work and run animal rescue shelters all over the world are more closely aligned to the teachings of Buddha or Jesus or any other figure that people think they are following. Really who would either of them recommend you learning from, the guru who is demanding hundreds of dollars for their super DVD set, or the woman spending all day with abandoned cats and dogs to maybe after weeks or months of time- finally get them to see they have some hope. I know who I would recommend.

So really. Who are the gurus you would like to follow? I know who mine are.

Note: I am not the copyright holder of any of these images or sayings. Yet I feel the originators would appreciate their message reaching as many people as possible. If they need to be taken down, I will do so.

Written by Howdie Mickoski


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