Ancient Remnants

July 8, 2019

I was asked on the forum to further explain a comment that I made regarding the most ancient of civilizations and how there are very few remnants of it left to be easily found. This is my reply, and am sharing with my readers here.

Sure, sort of mentioned it in a post yest but can retype those areas.
From why my research has shown, and you have to be on site with these places because you have to equally feel them as much as simply see the stone work, the type of cuts and carving quality, the geometry ect.
What I would say for sure is the real ancient culture would be
Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku in Bolivia
The main pyramids at Giza, Daschur, Abu Rawash. A few sites are still ancient, but most of the ruins on top were built from the 5000BC-1000AD culture such as Sakkara or Abu Sir. Those sites are ancient and you can see those remnants, but most of what is there is just the Egyptians building on top in inferior fashion. Same with Giza. Beyond the main pyramids, the Sphinx, Valley Temple, and Sphinx Temple (there a couple more of the ancient sites there that are hard to spot except right at them) beyond that the rest there is dynastic egypt half-assed building.
Teotihuacan in Mexico, at least the main structures that have the mica floors are ancient.
I have not been to Great Zimbabwe or a couple of sites in India that I think fit that bill.

Of course a problem is like what you see at say Abu Sir. Where you have maybe a 30,000 year old foundation, that has 4,000 year old construction on top of it, so there can be other sites out there that are basically hidden as to their real age because not much pokes it head out. I use the Salt Lake City Temple and its possible pyramid beneath it as a good example. I tried hard for example at Chartres to get under the Cathedral and see the original temple the church was built over…but those permissions are very hard to get.
Another good example of that is Luxor Temple. Back in the 80’s when they repaired some of the columns in the main enclosure (they removed them and did a small excavation, and they found a basically complete far older temple below. They did a short examination as I was told, then just filled the whole thing and wrote nothing about any of it. There is no idea how old the temple that Luxor is built on is, or even what it looked like- I have only got a few “a guy knows a guy who saw it and he said” kind of info…but it sounded spectacular.

Another example is Ancient Rome. I think most of the city dates to a specific time period…what that time frame is, is of course up for debate. All but one building, The Pantheon. That thing is so out of place, it almost looks like it comes not just from a different time but a different world. Inside is an energy (not like Giza) but more like a real strong buzz like Avebury or Palenque…it tells me it does not come from the same time as everything else there.

Written by Howdie Mickoski


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