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July 3, 2019

Here are some of my favourite movies and books that I feel have something useful to reveal to someone. Check them out.



It looks like a movie about one thing, but is really about false realities, bubbles, how bubbles break and how those with bubbles like to hold them, and about choosing truth over a lie- no matter how nice that lie is.

Vanilla Sky

Is this a dream or reality? How do you know? More importantly, which would you choose? Watch for Tom Cruise’s Tarot Fool like jump into the Abyss at the end of the movie.

The Truman Show

Could everyone around you just be an extra in a movie where you are the only real character? Lots of things in this movie, but you have to be alert for them.

The Matrix

The original in this trilogy gives so much it is hard to digest it all in one sitting. Unfortunately pressure likely make the producers make two sequels that tried to reverse some thing as too much was revealed here.

Groundhog Day

What is the process of waking up like, well Bill Murray’s character Phil Connors gives a great rendition even if most won’t believe that’s what it’s like. There is more confusion than peace for quite a while. Besides 10,000 mornings of Ned Ryerson would frustrate even the holiest of gurus!

The Thirteenth Floor

Fun little movie, that takes a while to get to its shocking point…the world is not what you think it is. Makes you think more of what Castaneda meant by the “lines of the world.” Hunt this one down and throw it in the dvd player.

Donnie Darko

Do you have free will? Do you? And what if you found out that the only way to have a peaceful world was for you to be a complete terror? How much compassion do you really have? Would you lead a life of total destruction, just for the good of all? Enjoy the weirdness.

Waking Life

Comic book looking view of the “alternate reality” knows as dreaming.

Shrek and Monsters Inc

Two great movies, fun, smart, and each with a message. And “heeeeere they are!”

The Legend of Bagger Vance

Do you have to practice harder, or release to the wisdom of the body for success in the dream reality.

Mr. Destiny

Don’t think it ever made it to DVD. I found an old VHS version and picked it up for $1.99. Good for those who believe something in their past has ruined their life. Did it ruin it, or give you the chance for a great opportunity?

What the Bleep do We Know?

Sometimes useful movie, especially for those very scientific minded, using quantum physics to question the reality of reality. Some traps though in this movie so watch discerningly.

They Live

Could reality actually be like this? The sort of cheesy nature of the movie, and the fact Rowdy Roddie Piper is the main character soften the blow of the message.

Defending Your Life

An Alan Brooks movie from the early 90’s. It has a few good points, but the movie is worth it just for the office scene early in the movie between Brooks and Rip Torn where he is being told he used only 5% of his brain on earth. The interaction and writing of this scene is terrific.


Path To Reality Through The Self by John Kent

The PHD thesis of John Kent, simplifying the teachings of Richard Rose. Quite simply if there was only one spiritual book I could take to a deserted island for my life, it would be this one. Available for free online at searchwithin.org

Spiritual enlightenment the Damendest Thing by Jed McKenna

Is there a Jed Mckenna? I have no idea and don’t care. His first book is full of ego busting insights written in very funny terms. The second book in the series just doesn’t match the simple truths here.

Replay by Ken Grimwood

This guy knew something. My favourite novel, of a man trapped living his life over and over again. And each replay he comes closer and closer not to bliss, but a realization of the hopelessness of thinking he has control.

Holographic universe by Michael Talbot

A nice job of using the metaphor of the hologram to explain reality. Talbot then uses this to explain the connection of healing, acupuncture, time travel, parallel universes, remote viewing, yogi and shamans words with the hologram. Quantum physics meets the mystic.

Carlos Castaneda’s Books

Ok, yes his so called famous book, Teachings of Don Juan (his first published) is mostly junk. Just bypass it and start with #2- A Separate Reality, and read on. Many argue if Don Juan was real, if Castaneda made it up, if in later life he ran a cult. Forgetting al this, what really matters is while he himself may have not been realized, he at least spent a lot of time around someone who did. His words speak of it. One of the literary world’s greatest diversion artists- take nothing at face value. You have to live his books to see what is real, what is bullshit, and what is secret metaphor for something else

After the Absolute

Dave Gold’s great book about his time with Richard Rose. A link to a free web version can be found on my links page.

Books of Theun Mares

Sort of like Carlos Castaneda’s little brother. Some good stuff there in his books…but he sure does take a lot of words to say what he wants to.

Fools Crow by Thomas Mails

A 1990’s book about Lakota holy man, Frank Fools Crow. A great look into the way a shaman actually lives, the responsibility taken, and presents his version of healing and connecting with all nature.

Secrets of the Talking Jaguar by Martin Prechtel

Great book from one of the last surviving Mayan shaman’s from Guatemala. His story of the ways of village life, mostly unchanged for a thousand years gives an amazing insight-not only into how a community can live with the earth, but more importantly, why. His other books detail such important aspects as the initition rites of young boys and girls into adulthood- something so lacking today that it is a cause of the great reason masculinity and femininity are so lacking now.

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