July 3, 2019

This process appears now in my new book Falling For Truth. However, many people have come to this article on my site for many years to help with their practice, so I have decided to keep this available for site readers.

“Only through the recapitulation of one’s entire life
can the apprentice truly understand his total being.”
-Theun Mares-

The technique of recapitulation came back to western readers via the writings of Carlos Castaneda, but it is found in all ancient traditions from Buddhism to Egypt to Native teachings. It is also called purification, throwing off the world, being reborn into the world, the inventory and the little death. It is the remembering, or more precisely, the reliving and recovering of all of our past experiences. Prior to death our entire life flashes before our eyes to allow us to review our life, how every event was interconnected, and see the challenges we did not embrace and overcome. Death must stand aside for a short while until our life review is complete. Because it shows us the truth, many will find it hard to undergo this review. Yet beyond seeing what we did poorly, we will also get one last view of the beauty that always surrounded us: from hugs and kisses, to laughter, to a hawk soaring in the sky. We get the chance to remember how much magic happens in each little moment of our life. Ancient wise men and women realized that this process “cleaned” us before the recovering of a new form, thus to do the review while still alive would gain the form the benefits we normally wait until death to receive. In my opinion, the entrance to an ancient temple happened after the aspirant was given this technique and spent 1-2 years completing a life pass. Until one has seen the giant lie of their life, who they believed themselves to be, and the reality of the world around them, all spiritual teachings will just leave them spinning in the dark- getting them nowhere though they will believe they are going somewhere.


“Recap takes you out of the past
and inserts you into the now.”
-Carlos Castaneda-

We recapitulate our lives to regain the energy we lost from the interactions of day to day life. It is a natural process that our energy body does to heal itself from the damages of the past to make itself whole again (as people have gone through recaps without warning). Normal memory is there to sustain our life story (me) and it in fact blocks our energy body’s natural ability to heal with recapitulation. Thus we must learn techniques to awaken our body, by consciously choosing the practice of recap. What we are doing is training our body to remember to do what it already knows how to do. At the deepest level we are deconstructing the story of “me.” This is a tool to make form run better, but is also a part of the awakening process as more parts are seen as false and dropped.

A true recap involves reliving every single moment of our lives: every conversation, every feeling- everything! When one first hears this it sounds impossible, yet the universe is not what it appears to be, so we do have more than enough time to complete a full life recap. One of the reasons for this, is that most everything we do is simply a repeated habit of something we have already done. At the start of one relationship I noticed that I was doing the exact same thing as a previous one, even going to the same places on dates. As well, each cycle of our lives is exactly the same, it just appears different on the surface, thus recap one full cycle fully and the rest will reveal itself. The people and surroundings may be different, but the base events will be the same.

A recap will help us gain clarity. The technique is found in the east, with the element of air. The clarity comes from seeing our life as it really is, and from this clarity we can turn to the north and let go of our habits and patterns, and also take us to the west to erase our personal history. Recapitulation is the main practice of stalkers, who learn to control their energy body (while dreamers focus mostly on their dreaming body) thus able to watch their interconnection of the surrounding dream. It is often the first technique taught to a new apprentice, not because it is more important than the other techniques, but because it takes the most time. A recap is done by starting at the present and working our way backwards to birth. This does two things. First is helps to unwind our life, like a tape, and free up space on it. We go backwards because it is easier to remember details of what happened yesterday than when we were four. In time events will no longer be seen as good or bad, just an event that is part of a perfect whole. Only without ego self importance can this be seen.

16th century Catholic Friar Alonso de Molina (one of the few Spaniards who was not killing and torturing the conquered Mexicans) made a dictionary of the Aztec Nahuatl language. One word, Tlacentalia, he claimed was the “gathering together of the sins, bringing them into memory,” while the word Teochihua was the practice of “releasing the sins.” These two words are the original words for recapitulation, and to a Catholic Friar without understanding of recap, he would associate it with sins and ridding of sins. Interestingly the word Teochihua contains Teo (like Teotihuacan, the place where the ancient training was taught) chi (the Chinese word for energy) and hua (a Hawaiian word to use energy or control energy).1

Why spend so much time on our past in recap? Good question. Our mind is constantly interpreting the moment based on the past, thus getting a distorted view of the now. We don’t realize that we have created a false past, a lie, that allows our ego to live its habits and use the excuse of “look what happened to me.” It is the tough part of recap as people begin to see that what they thought was their life, was really just a mythological past that we keep repeating to ourself over and over, a story our ego has created to justify its existence. Thus we need to examine our past in order to let go of our false associations. Our past, “is like a stone. We drag it with us through our life. We are attached to it with hooks. Every hook we release turns that part of the stone into Styrofoam. The load itself never goes away- just gets much lighter.”

Without a recap there is always someone or some event to blame for where they are now. “I can’t get into a relationship because of what my mother said, I beat my kids because my father beat me, I can’t show you affection because my last boyfriend was a jerk, I can’t be successful because I failed when I was 14.” That is why mind loves the past so much. No matter how ugly it was, it gives us a great excuse. From my own recap I found that events “my mind” had locked onto for blame were not true. It was actually other, very small and simple events that were the catalyst. Our entire life may have gone off track from one simple event, something so small and insignificant that we can’t remember it, but deep down the real us did. It may seem like nothing the time our brother threw our favorite toy on the roof, but that event may have caused us to make a secret promise to ourself such as not to be friends with anyone again. Until we clean up the past, it keeps affecting us without realizing it, and every time we try to change our life for the better “something” stops us, which is our unseen hooks, dialogue, and promises to the past.

We can’t use our normal mind to recap, for it will only show us what it wants us to see, what it wants us to remember. Thus recap only works when we can get past our normal memory to a much deeper place, our True Mind and True Memory. These True Memories are stored in our legs, not our head. We learn to recap not to find the events, but the feelings from those events stored in our body, and the experiences the mind pushed away due to their opposing its view of the world.

Many people review parts of their life with people like a psychologist, but that gets you nowhere. To just retell an event the way we think it happened just reinforces it the story your mind has created, keeps you locked into being a victim, and reinforces the ego belief in the existence of time. This is great for our ego, which is why people love to go and see psychiatrists because they get to relive all their pain in their life, the way their mind wants them to remember it. The psychologist wants to fix your mind, make it normal yet they are in fact keeping you insane like everyone else.

A true recap is designed to show how our life history is a giant lie. Often lost events will surface that we have no memory of, as we wonder, “that couldn’t have happened to me.” As we realize it did, we wonder how we could have ever forgot something so important. We begin to see the truth that everyone is just a mirror for us. Anyone is the way they are in our life because they are just reflecting something of us. What we think of as our past is a self-generated lie that we never question. These lies create holes in our energy body, holes that we keep up through our habits and patterns created from a loss of energy in an earlier encounter. We first have to see our endless wasting patterns from our life review, which allow us to begin stopping them, thus regaining lost energy. None of this is easy. Mind has put a lot of work in to make ourselves miserable, and the mind is not going to want to let go of its food source (our suffering) so easily. Find all the little secrets of our past and break free of them, we regain our optimal state. Recap is not designed to hide you from your past, quite the opposite, it wants you to see it fully. It wants you to grieve where you should have grieved, laugh where you should have laughed.

Of course while self-importance is still in command, recap often seems to do little else other than bring out a giant dose of self-pity, as the apprentice sees how hard-done they are by their past. But recap is meant to be worked in tandem with the north (not doing) and the west (erasing personal history) so that one can stop indulging in the need to be a victim. To be challenged is far more different than to be victimized.

Young children should not do a recap, due to the fact that they are still likely full of energy. Teenagers are a tough call, and must be decided on an individual basis. Any drug users, or smokers or heavy drinkers will have their recap (as well as their whole life) hampered by the intake of these substances. It is recommended to stop for at least 30 days to let your system clean out before beginning recap, to allow the process to work well.

In a book by Armando Torres, Carlos Castaneda told him that Don Juan used to claim that anyone who has not done a recapitulation was radioactive, seeping dirt from every pore, and would joke that he needed to wash himself if Castaneda accidentally touched him. Recap is really the first step to regaining our energy and our freedom. Recap isn’t taking you to something new, but something old. It will allow us to get to the roots of why we really do what we do, and how to eliminate the lies of a lifetime. This frightens people, so a lot of people won’t recap. We hate to have to see the real us, and the way we really treated people. Doing so, we will gain more laughter as we see the stupid wastes of energy we have used to uphold our ego. Our life thus goes from one of great pain, to one of great laughter, at ourself.


“Recapitulation is the recovery of the state of completeness
we had at the moment of birth.”
Victor Sanchez

In every interaction of our life there has been some exchange of energy. In “would you like fries with that” encounters, the exchange was so minimal that it was barely noticed and was returned to each person rather quickly. With people we have spent a lot of time with, a great deal of each other’s energy has been exchanged. It is the difficulty of a break-up, for each of us is carrying so much of the other’s energy while we are now missing the energy of ours that they have. In fact many people are carrying so much of someone else’s filaments they act like other people (parent, first grade teacher, first lover) without even realizing it. In fact often we aren’t living our life at all, but someone else’s life. During very painful events of our life, we gave away our energy and our power out of fear to try and make the event stop. Thus recap is about regaining all of our own energy that we no longer have. No one else can use it, it only gives others a false feeling of power and strength. We also must give back all the energy of others that we have (and believe me, you have more than you think). It does nothing for us either, only keeping old events alive that we may need to release.

Every single memory of your past requires a great deal of energy to keep it alive. The more recap you do, the more you will find just how much of your energy went into simply keeping up your past attachments. Through the proper recapping of an event, we don’t eliminate the event or pretend it never happened, we take back is the emotional energy we used to give it life. It then becomes just an event, and in time you may see your whole life as though it were a series of events that happened to “someone else” because you have no emotional attachments to any of it anymore. When we were babies our energy was whole and complete. It is why babies smile so much, they don’t have someone else’s energy clouding them. As they begin to interact with others, their energy body begins to get attacked. Great healing will simply come from regaining our lost energy and letting go of what is not ours. These attachments can be seen as the long cords or fibers, that we attach to other people. Some people we attach with one, with others, hundreds. The deeper the emotional connection, the more fibers attached. Thus in a sense, energetically we are learning how to let other fiber hooks go, and bring back our own fibers so as to not try and drain someone else. In a sense this aspect of recap is similar to a soul retrieval (bringing back a lost part of ourself), a refilling of a hole in our energy body. This return of energy has coincided with the return of a lost event (while the soul retrieval does the opposite, brings back the energy first, sparking the spontaneous recap of the event that caused the “loss” in the first place).


The first way to practice is to recap the day before going to sleep. Review the day backwards from the end of the day until the time you woke up, the opposite of what the mind will want to do. So view the last event first (in forward of course, no need to see people walking backwards), and then review the event previous to that one, until you return to the time you woke up in the morning. It will help you regain your lost energy from the day, thus you will sleep better and awaken more refreshed, usually with the need of less sleep. Many of our dreams are simply the way of the mind to rehash the events of the day that were ignored, but by recapping the day we will have less normal dreams and more that would be classified as “dreaming.” You will also find many things in the day that you missed, rushed by, words people said that had a deeper meaning. It will help you be aware of how you acted, so as to stay more alert the next day. It will also help you begin to see some of your energy wasting patterns. This is a good warm-up for a month before beginning the recap of our life.

The Recap Process

Recap has many layers, but the actual steps are few. One of the ancient ways was to tell your life story aloud to Grandfather Fire, and I still recommend this as a start for those doing recap- even if it is just telling some of your life to a candle flame. The process of talking aloud forces you to hear truth and hear lies of your life. There are two types of recap. First is active and comes about from practicing the exercises suggested here. The other is passive and comes about without warning, when hearing a song on the radio for instance. We must begin with active recap in order to wake up from our slumber to allow spontaneous recap- the true procedure. Active recap is dull, boring and monotonous, don’t give up when you start, that is what your false mind wants you to do.

First one must find their place to perform recap. We need complete silence and solitude, thus it is best done in the hours when most people are asleep so that we are not affected by other people’s sounds or thoughts. Many do it in the wilderness to be away from people entirely. Some suggest the need for a box, the symbolic coffin found in ancient pyramids and tombs, not something for the dead but for one alive who wants to die to their old self. The idea is to stay night after night in the box until one’s whole life has passed before their eyes, then symbolically break the box as a symbol they are no longer locked to their old limitations. One certainly does not need a box for effective recapitulation, but if you do use one, do not let anyone else into it for it will be charged with your left side energy and could be dangerous to them. What you will need is an enclosed space to squeeze the energy body and better help with the recall. A closet is a good one, some like to be under a lot of blankets, a big cardboard box, a cave, even in your car. As long as the space is tight to squeeze your energy body, and the fact that you are alone. Don’t for example recap in bed next to someone, for your energy can be easily released to them, and you will be too close to be influenced by their thoughts.2

Once you have found a place, the next stage is to make the list. On this list you write down the name of everyone you have ever met. A daunting task for many right there. Create this list any way that helps you.3 You can use heading of where you worked, went to school, people you dated, and as you make that list, those names will trigger the names of people associated with them. Thousands of years ago the list was not a necessity, when people likely met 300 people in their whole life, but today it is different. This list needs to include anyone you had any meaningful interaction with. I looked at it as if there was someone I met whose name I tried to remember for whatever reason when I met them, was deserving for the list. When complete, place the names in chronological order with the most recent person you have met at the top of the list, and mom and dad at the bottom. You will recap your life following this list from top to bottom. You will also want to jot down key events that may have happened when you were alone, walking through the woods or driving on a country road. Events where no other person was present. Every event must be looked at, the list is just the way to help give you structure so that you can include it all. In fact, doing the list itself will be a form of recap as many forgotten events and people rush to the surface, and will in fact give you a burst of energy upon completion . Generally now I recommend for your first recap you just do the top 20 people you had the most interactions with. That allows you to get to some of the big stuff right away, then later on if you want to do everyone on your list, that is fine, but at least you will get to some of your most important people before you may get bored and never do it again.4

You can now simply take the list as it is and begin from top to bottom. I recommend not to start with your current relationship early on. Every person you recap will create some form of change, so give your current partnership some time. Don’t be afraid to recap it, it will just take you to truth, but for most people I suggest some leeway here. This is why many people are afraid to recap, they know deep down relationships and friendships are not based on trust and kindness, but rather than see these truths they want to hide from it. A recap may show you that you should no longer be in a relationship, or may show you how to truly and totally love that other person. People fear that the recap will lead to change, but life in the manifested world is all about change. To want to try and keep something exactly as it is, is in fact a from of manipulation. If you are afraid of losing a friendship or a lover, what kind of friendship do you really have? If you think your life is absolutely perfect as it is, not one thing needs to be any different, then do not for one moment begin the process of recap (however never again complain about, be frustrated about, or be stressed about any aspect of your life). However my guess is that those of you who think your life is perfect, that is only some mind fantasy, a delusional story.

When you are ready to begin the main list, try to find at least one encounter for each person (of course for some there is only one encounter) or in the case of someone you had 60 encounters with, find as many as you can remember, and make a one-word note on that encounter like: dinner, mountains, swimming, fall down stairs, movie etc. These are one word memory aids, and place those memory aids in chronological order like the list. You won’t remember every encounter with a person, and that is ok, but the more you can get the more you will help jog your memory to get to the events you have forgotten.

With a complete and ready list, one must now decide how much time they want to invest. My suggestion is to start with one hour a day for a week or two. You will notice the difference in your energy level, even with only that amount of investment. Once you get comfortable, the usual way to do recap is to begin at 9 or 10 at night, and recap all through the night until morning. It is best not to stop recap because you are tired and go to “bed” to sleep. It is your mind trying to force you to stop- just keep going. Some will do this for a day at a time, for a weekend or week, or until they have completed one phase of their life such as “university.” Sleep really won’t be needed because as you are recapping you are regaining so much energy that the restful sleep is not all that required. At times I remember falling asleep in the closet around 5 am, then getting up with my alarm at 7 feeling great. Add to this the energy-wasting patterns we will find and eliminate during the days, to even more energy we will be storing. You will find your own time that is best for you, some like to get up at 4AM for example and recap for three hours to give themselves an energy boost for the day. Remember too that longer sessions for less days (say 8 hours a night for a week) reap more benefits than 1 hour a night for 56 nights. The longer sessions keep the energy body focused. I also suggest you make a choice of how many events you are going to recap in one night, say you are going to recap 7 nights and you have 140 events to go through, that means 20 a night. You will after a little practice get to know just how many events you can get through. Others who are just going to recap every night until a period of their life is done- just keep going until your alarm goes off When recapping, don’t close your eyes, for this is a sign to your being that you are dreaming, and is also a sign to your being that whatever you see can not be denied as the truth. If you fall asleep in your box or closet that is ok, because in that case you won’t be in ordinary sleep, you in fact will be in Dreaming and thus the recap will be continuing.

Prepare your space so at to not be disturbed. Take all the phones off, and ask no one to bother you for any reason. In the course of your session you could yell or cry or laugh as experiences are relived. Usually you will make no sound at all, but it is best to be prepared. The one time it does happen, you don’t want someone coming to check on you to see of you are all right, and break you out of a key recap experience. Take your list, and start your breath (see below) and find the first person on your list, and the first event for that person. Get a mental picture of what they looked like at that event. Next set the place you were in, the more detail the better. If you were at dinner, what was on the table? What was the waiter wearing, what pictures were on the walls? Don’t analyze any of this, just observe it in all its detail. Doing so you are focusing your intent to be back at that event. When you feel that you have a good remembrance of the space and the people there, now try to observe the event exactly as it happened. For many people they may see themselves at this point, as if they were watching a movie. That’s fine. Your still in your normal mind here, but you have to get the event rolling somehow.

One now needs to use the emotions, for it the emotions that were generated that will lead us to reach our feelings in the event, and find out what really happened in the encounter. As you continue to watch the event keep asking, what am I feeling? What is happening around me that I missed? You recap one event at a time to try and be there fully. If other events come up, just let them pass, you will get to them, unless some event from further down your list keeps coming up, you can choose to recap it if you wish and then return to your list.

Play the event right through. Now see the event again, but this time not as a movie but try to see it through you own eyes of the event. Be “in” the event. You now need to feel everything you said, did or acted on in the event. You want to relive the experience which goes against our usual perception of time in which the past is gone. You must break the mental barrier or all your recap will not be very deep. You must enter the left side here and leave the mind behind. To assist yourself you can talk (even in a whisper) everything you actually said or was being thought to help get you more there, you may repeat the name of people at the event over and over, move your body if necessary, do increased breathing, yell or scream or cry- anything to get you to stop thinking and go into feeling mode. If you can break the barrier once, the other sessions will become easier and easier. Now see the event for a third time, again as a movie, but this time you focus on your healing breath and to balance and harmonize the energy from the event- healing the “self” in the movie, and the “Self” you that is watching it. This third watch can be the hardest of all, for this is the real healing of the event, where the energy hole gets filled and our held energy is released. The ego will make it hard for many, who stay locked in the second stage, crying or feeling hurt, or whatever they feel, not letting themselves see it one more time to fully heal it. Don’t give in to the suffering of your parasitic mind, get to the third round to heal. The final stage of the process while in recap of an event is to “dream” in a not-doing for you to perform in your day to day world later. It is this process that involves the south (dreaming) and north (not doing) into the eastern-western practice. This part of the practice makes it a complete practice. Without this, the band aid you just put on your wound will be easily reopened. You may see you never tell anyone you love them, so your not doing is to tell them you love them, or you always play your life safe so now you will take a risk.

The biggest problem with recap is that there is no real way to teach it, because it involves with connecting to your lost feelings and only we know how best to do that. For that reason only the base starters can be given to people, then they modify them as they see fit. As you practice, spirit will guide you in the right way, right times etc. The main key is just to have the unbending intent that you will keep on recapping and not listen to the voice in your mind that wants you to quit. It will give you a thousand reasons not to. At the beginning recap will be very tough, and it will seem we are doing nothing- until the usher appears.

It is called the usher because it will usher in a whole new period of recap. You will know when the usher has finally appeared when you are no longer seeing the event, you are fully reliving it. You are seeing through your own eyes again, only this time with far more awareness. The space you are recapping in may be gone, and you are right back at that event- a freaky thing the first time it happens. What has really happened is that we have allowed our assemblage point to move back to its exact place as at the time of the event, which energetically allows us to be right there. After experiencing the usher for the first time, our recap will be much deeper. Moments of your life that you have forgotten now begin to surface. I describe some of this at the end of the article.

Just keep making the time, even if for a while it is only ten minutes a day. Some events that you recap will only have to be done once because the investment of emotional energy in the event was very small. Others may be part of many life passes, yet each life pass you make, there will be less remaining events to “re-see” each time. You know that an event or person is done when you can remember it or them and have no emotion attached at all. It may seem like the event happened to someone else. An example was a woman that I went on a few dates with, and after recapping our time together I felt no emotion, no attachment, no need to blame her for anything…they were now just experiences in the past. I knew that my need to recap her was complete.


An added help with your recap sessions will be to include breath work. Breathing helps to remember the event and to rebalance our energy. One begins with a deep breath with the chin on the right shoulder, then the head is moved to the left shoulder with the in-breath. On the exhale the head moves to the right finishing that out-breath on the right shoulder. This shoulder to shoulder movement helps us to “sweep the scene” to see everything that happened, as well as “jiggling” our assemblage point helping it move back to its original position.

The breath also helps us to bring back our lost energy. On the in breath we breathe back our energy that we gave away at the event, and on the out-breath we give back all the energy we have from that event. Mentally do this every so often with your breath. Now I have to admit, that in my recap I found I could get tired constantly doing the head movements with the breath, so I would do 3-4 head movements then stay still for a while, until I felt the need for a “boost” and then would do a few more head swings. Again all things for you to try and see what works for you.

Just so you know, recap will not regain that many energy fibers on its own. It is simply the beginning process. The fibers are returned en mass, when we leave the recap session and go out into the world, and perform not-doing. We find from the recap actions that we created to lose those fibers in the first place, and by letting go of those doings and return to our “natural” doings, those remaining fibers just come back. To recap without the technique of not-doing will result in very little energy return- as mentioned, recap is just a process that works in connection with others.


“A perfect recall could change a warrior more
than the total control of his energy body.”
-Carlos Castaneda-

After a recap session you may feel light-headed or weird, that is ok it just means that something is changing. Have something to eat and you will likely feel more grounded. Don’t worry about trying to rush the process, go at your own pace, it takes years for the average person to make it through just one life pass. A reminder that often when we finish recapping someone we may “run into them” somewhere, or someone may bring up their name for seemingly no reason when out for coffee. It is an energetic check, do you really want the energy all back to normal, or for some reason do you want to return to the old way of lost energy? Don’t worry it’s just an energetic test for you.

You can also now begin to create the relationships you really want, now that you know the truth about all of your old ones. As for the current people in your life, many things may have changed after a recap, we will know about the truth of ourself and them- which may lead to a deepening friendship or the realization we need to give them more space from us. Don’t be afraid of recapping because of what you will find, before you can let go of delusions and lies, you must see them. I also suggest that a parent not recap their young children too deeply, at least not until they are no longer emotionally dependent on you. Teenagers for example can be recapped in full. Don’t hide from recapping young children, just do it to the depth that feels right.

Usually the next day, even after a short hour session, one will feel alive with energy. The problem is that people feel they are “back to normal.” This is more like an energy band-aid. Those energy wasting habits and patterns have been around for a long time, and there are things you will need to change. The additional energy is there to help you make those changes. Another warning. Recap, if you do it well, may make you think that you are going crazy. And you could be! I’m not exaggerating this point. As the deeper events of your past become known, all of your history will become like some maddening game being played on you by some unknown force. This is good, it means your True Mind is waking up, and normal mind has no idea how to deal with it. I guarantee that you will likely try to use more mind, more logic, more reason to explain everything that is happening to you- but once your True Mind wakes up, there is no turning back. You will have to prepare yourself for the “onslaughts of infinity.”

This brings us to true recap. All your active recap will just be preparing and loosening up your assemblage point to get you ready for spontaneous (passive ) recap. The more we practice, the more of these spontaneous recaps will happen when we trip and fall down and begin crying, but have no idea why; or a song on the radio touches off the most odd feelings. The smile of someone’s face, the backfiring of a car will take us to the memory of an event long buried. Most however just ignore this odd feeling in the moment to go back to the internal dialogue of the mind. Those buried events will come without warning, usually “triggered” by something similar in our outer environment. When a passive recap comes up, you have only one important thing in that moment, let that lost event unfold, for if you don’t, it may take years for it to come up again. Thus recap is really all about perception and awareness, what we did not have then, we learn to have now. We will learn how to move more slowly and pay attention to our feelings now, so as to not have to recap the current events of our lives later. In reality every event is happening just for you, only for your own eyes, and with enough recap we can learn how to understand the meaning of every event that is happening to us, without ever asking how you know.

Recap is meant to be worked with your challenges now, but we use the list to guide us in practice, and to allow us to get through events that seem to have no bearing to what is happening now. So I remind you, if an old boyfriend is coming to town to visit you tomorrow, no matter who is on your list, recap the old boyfriend, he is in your now, he is your current challenge, that is where you need the immediate clarity. We also recap now moment by moment whenever a thought from our past comes up, and will keep doing this until the thought no longer appears on its own. The memory stays when one needs to use it willingly in conversation, but it can no longer pop up on its own accord.

Complete one pass and the second life pass is very different, like only tiny parts of the event are focused on. It is like the event itself is no longer important, you just see the person and get a feeling for them to look and see if you have any hidden energy. Don’t search for specific events, search for the feeling and hold that. Let the feelings guide you, but not to an event, you’ve already done that. Let it take you to a moment within the event. The second pass can not be taught. The first pass sees the truth of the events, the second the truth of the feelings. Thus it equals lots of bursts of unremembered feelings. You are working now directly at the level of the energy. It all explains don Juan’s statement better, “I thought nothing had happened to me, when in fact everything had happened to me.” No real need to focus on it now, I just mention it for those who have completed one pass and may wonder what to do next.

Continuing recap practitioners will often recap what are called “manifestations of the spirit”, omens, strong synchronicities, or when they felt truly met with the spirit. As well any time where there was a strong presence of death (illness, serious accidents, close calls) for they are very close to the void in those moments. Of course what are called “meetings with the nagual” should be recapped as often as possible.

Written by Howdie Mickoski


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