Healing Sounds

April 4, 2020

As an addition to the previous post, I wanted to share something that you can do yourself that might be able to help with whatever you are dealing with. That is the use of vibrational sounds on youtube videos. While there are hundreds of channels out there, the two below (Meditative Mind, and Good Vibes Binaural Beats) are two of the ones that tend to give me a noticeable difference when I put one on.

Some are just for de stress or calm, others work the chakras, others to focus on a part of the body or whatnot. If you have never tried them before, choose a couple, listen for 5 minutes and see if it “resonates” with you. If not then try another, eventually one will come along that does feel like it is doing something. As an aside, it is the only comments section of videos I tend to read, generally the positive vibe that comes in the comment section is as amazing as the vibrations sounds themselves.

Best Wishes

Written by Howdie Mickoski


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