Conscioustv Interview

July 2, 2020

Iain McNay of Conscioustv interviewed me recently. We discussed many stories of my life. The youtube description for the video is below.

Howdie is the author of ‘Falling For Truth’ and ‘the Power Of Then.’ His first job was working as a professional comedian. When he heard an ex-girlfriend had been murdered it left him shattered and a deep questioning started inside him. His journey led him to study the ancient Egyptians and to work with some very powerful teachers. He realised that he could never know what the ancients were building and doing because he was thinking like a modern human. To understand the ancient past he had to think like the ancients.
In 2005 he had an accident when he nearly drowned. As a result of this he saw reality completely differently.
Howdie talks us through his life, his accident, his realisations, and his process of integration.

Written by Howdie Mickoski


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