Less History

April 16, 2021

This is just a note to let you know that soon I will be doing less and less historical study, and making few videos or doing interviews on the subject. UNLESS I can get to a site or place in person and be “hands on” directly and can relate my own experience- there is no more time for mental study in this area.

By now there is enough out there from everyone researching these subjects that history as is told to us is a lie. The narrative on any level is a complete and total lie. So why does one need to study any more of it, when you know it is all a lie, just to verify another lie? That sounds like a giant waste of time.

And we have no more time. Humans on this planet (the ones who will stand firm in their human ness) have very little time. What time there is needs to be used in most wise fashion- every moment a moment for deeper inquiry on the Self, who we are, what death is, what God is… or anything else that has meaning. Continued examination now of the nightmare, while perhaps interesting and a way to pass the time….20 years ago this was fine, no longer. And since I can not make a suggestion to others and do something else (or I would be a hypocrite) more and more I have turn my the focus on my actions to match what I am presenting, which is meant to match the inner realizations and experiences.

So like I say if something turns up in my area, and looks interesting, such as the Chicago World Fair Building that I will do the video on (link below when I have it posted) I have to use my time in most clear and best use. Wishing you the same….

Written by Howdie Mickoski


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