“Words lead us to the doorway of truth, but only by contemplating their meaning can we pass through.”
– Corpus Hermeticum –
– Tao Te Ching –


Howdie can be contacted to help with your journey by sharing his own process with you. Several people have found much help along the way from discussions with him. Especially if you have gone through what can be called a true awakening, for the confusion that comes from that experience can be paralyzing. While the book Falling For Truth may have some pointers for those in that situation, sometimes a short conversation can be of value. “Nothing makes me happier to see a person who is struggling, sometimes struggling for a long time, take the next step and move to a more clear place of seeing.” He can be consulted in person, over the phone, email, or via skype. Contact him for more details.


Howdie is available for lectures, and private talks. A theme is generally chosen for the event, but he wants to have at least half of the time available for questions so that the discussion of the evening can be directly related to the subjects of what the gathering is most interested in. Contact him for more details.
Sphinx & Khafre Pyramid.