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The Power of Then- Revealing Egypt’s Lost Wisdom has been revised and updated in 2019. This book looks deeply into the Hermetic and Alchemic symbolism inherent in Egypt’s temples and texts. The many pyramids of Egypt are presented as to their unique and special properties of geometry and energy. This symbolic overview is widened to include its similar presentation worldwide with Ancient Mexico, stone circles, fairy tales and mythology.


Chapter 1: Mystery Schools
The Egyptian temple system of teaching that became the model for the rest of the world.

Chapter 2: Egyptian Religion
Religion in Egypt focused on the many layers of existence within humans and the world.

Chapter 3: What Are Neteru?
The Neteru are not gods or goddesses, but aspects of creation within all of us, and hidden in symbolism, language and art

Chapter 4: Egyptian Pyramids
The most famous pyramids are on the Giza Plateau with the stone Sphinx, yet other sites in Egypt from Sakkara to Dashur offer similar giant stone complexes. Not tombs for dead kings, these are the places where the deepest transformation of self and reality can take place.

Chapter 15: Fairy Tales
Not stories for children, tales like Cinderella or Little Red Riding Hood were storehouses to place the ancient Hermetic wisdom.

Chapter 16: Teotihuacan
Mexico’s mirror site to Giza in Egypt reveals the connection between these two lands, and how advanced the early Toltecs were.

Chapter 19: European Stone Circles
England and the Northern European landscape are dotted with giant megalithic stone structures, many of which are placed into circular formats. Is there a reason for this choice of building?